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edited December 2008 in architecture
Most hate to do this, but I carry the can here....
I have been warned to closely read some of the more recent threads for sentences that are within cooee of being defamatory, as defined in Oz. I can't deal with this without pissing off all and sundry, but will have to try, as it's butterpaper and not the writers that stand to get into expensive trouble.
You will see 5 edits in posts that in my view of the law's view, go a bit far. Most of the posts are in the Worst 10 buildings thread.
For future postings on this site, note the following:

- don't attack people personally and identify them
A sample from our fine laws, I think they must be pickin up some yank speak, post FTA:

It is defamatory

If it injures your reputation by exposing you to hatred, contempt or ridicule.
If it lowers you in the opinion of right-thinking society.



  • edited December 2008
    if you ban any mention of the architect mXXXXXXt by his press agent the problem goes away?
    ........and it keeps the threads interesting?
  • sodsod
    edited 7:26PM
    peter - the boot thread doesn't bother you?
  • edited 7:26PM
    Maybe I haven't gotten there yet. Or else I didn't get it. Will have another look when I get a mo, sometime in 2009...
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    @ sod (2 posts up ^): Query re 'ipswich Princess' can be deleted if you think that helps.
  • edited December 2008
    be a good idea to install a hippie/kook filter too.
  • I note hairdresser, that your posts have attracted the moderators xxxx's. Keep your hair on.
  • edited December 2008
    blowing kisses?

    admin may not get the boot, sod might, collar worries about the boot, info doesn't, and the hairdresser thinks its all a shoe shop.


    only you will wake up in the morning and put one on your foot.
  • At least I know which foot it goes on.
  • edited 7:26PM
    high school playground? maybe summer heights has an opening for you mr seasons.
  • edited December 2008
    @ merlin.
    club foot?
  • sodsod
    edited 7:26PM
    collar - Query re 'ipswich Princess' can be deleted if you think that helps. wot??
  • edited December 2008
    yeah - can see point of blowing kisses through posts that mention the golden ones.


    has admin thought about blowing kisses at herr ss.
    talking down to other posters is his special opening rap?
    followed by publishing chapters of boring book!
    any chance you could annihilate ss from the top 10 thread.
    on second thoughts won't be as funny?.....

    ignore button option - where is it?

    - I write something wrong with the sacrificing virgins comment?
    sorry - read SS recipe for potions made from chest hairs in that link.
    guess what your saying is he posts by his real name re above?
  • edited 7:26PM
    @HD - SS might be ahead of his time. Or slowly exploding on an island somewhere - it happens you know. Its like cabin fever, only in reverse. In the process of losing one's mind - it is understood in many indigenous cultures that glimpses of the future can often be revealed in this time - one;s own voice becomes the only other heard. And repetition becomes the first sign of insanity.
  • aghhhh,, gargle garegle spit. Oopps sorry guys that wasn't the first sounds of insanity. It was me enjoying the flavour of a fabulous new Chardonney from a friend of mine. We're trying out a new freezing method of fining. Time now for an award winning Merlot.
    By the way. Repeating ones self is a sign of courtesy to the deaf.
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    your saying your not a pagan - your a christian?
  • edited 7:26PM
    The deleted sacrificing virgins round the campfire comment wasn't defamatory, as we don't know who Simon is, but it was flaming. There might be forums out there happy to let things degenerate into abuse, but I don't reckon this should be one of them.
    I know there are people reading this forum who are not contributing as they tell me they'll just get shot down for their efforts. That's a bit sad.
  • edited December 2008
    seasons first post on the thread (top10).
    contained the following directed at other contributors.

    "your intent is only to make yourself known to another like minded wanker"

    "you sanctimonious mob of wannabees"

    it contained the instruction.

    why don't jou just shut up here and go piss in one anothers pockets somewhere else.

    I presume he was refering to the hairdresser, info, sod, miles, andrew and b-n - all posting

    whose flaming?
    c'mon admin.

    looking at this forum its evident a few contributors probably want something done with him?

    and thanks for restating my virgins round the campfire comment.
    I'm happy about that.
  • edited 7:26PM
    Well put HD.
  • edited December 2008
    HD. go and read the date those comments were posted and then go an read the dates of your flame blitzkriegers on "good" artcitecture and just about anything else i have posted and you'll notice a consistentsy of abuse that doesn't belong to me. In fact all those comments are near repeats of things you wrote about me, you'll find them if you look hard enough.
    If you can't recognise that you and your blitzkriegedrs have indulged your flaming habits repeatedly and predominately then indeed you are being sanctimonious and all the rest. You even right here above, declare yourself happy to have a flame repeated and confirmed by yourself. You also indulge in thought policing.
    Yes my attacks might be formidible and discomforting but i can only think two occaisions where i have lost it and strayed from the topic and got personal and generally i have then apologised, at least i hope I have and if not, I do here now.
    The point is I don't attack the person, I argue the proposition. You don't unless it corresponds exactly with what you think. Just about everything you have to say in response to people you don't agree with is either ridiclue or ridiculous and the intention is the same. To drive everyone but like minded pockets off your thread and off this forum if you can.
    Go and read the wiki link and then consider perhaps that my religion has nothing to do with virgins or campfires or Gandalf. You call me a kook but if I knew your religion and called you a kook for it and slandered your faith, for example Catholicism, because of some freaks in wierded out fantasylands of the bible belt who may have nothing to do with Catholicism, you would rightly consider that to be flaming and defamatory. You are being defamatory if you knew my Identity. The fact that you don't doesn't liscense you to write what would otherwise be defamatory and is flaming.
  • edited December 2008

    be careful. I'm very jewish. and i'm not joking.

    suggest you r paranoid.

    u could revisit your interaction with an early thread i posted here over a year ago.
    rational compliance with ESD ratings.
    your repeated response = personally addressed put down then 16,000 words on glenn murcutt. TM method. boring.
    I gave up abandoned the thread.
    i see others adopt a similar strategy.

    guess we could all do it again?

    or we could look ^
    "Yes my attacks might be formidable and discomforting."
    says it all really. duh?

    re admin.
    pretty clear the dudes intent on top 10 thread from ^.
    i don't advocate any editing of him. he seems to have transformed into a humorous adjunct.
    however - troubles re the glimmer twins touchy corrs finger wouldn't even be there if it were not for the kook. wouldn't be a subject for discussion amongst other posters far as i can tell?!

    my guess - he is a hacker employed by phillip cox.
    his purpose - to guarantee glenn murcutt is boring to the young -
    seems to be working.
  • Read wiki link peter posted above for 'blitzkrieg' reference.
    Or don't read it,  as usual. Just  blur through it and then decide for yourself what was written and then pontificate with whaterver it was you reckon in the first instance.
    'Debating' would be a good one for you to look up on wiki too actually, then you might also find out what attack means in a debating context. Suppose you'll trawl through that missquoting and mis-attributing as badly as you did with the pagan site.
    Just hopeless!
  • edited 7:26PM
    @HD - well put again. And while we're letting on personal stuff, my Korean heritage makes me invisible in Japan. And I am an atheist ...
  • edited 7:26PM
    ... hmmm tricky self-imposed job I have given myself. I hadn't really thought to censor flaming, I don't like to censor anything if I can help it. But the tit for tat had been going on for a while and the campfire comment turned up the heat enough for me to dish out some of my xxxxx's. I don't want to go back through the last 1000 posts, I think we should just take things from here.
    Advice appreciated of course - there isn't a CAE course in moderating forums... yet. I heard they are starting up a course for people to learn how to roll their R's so anything is possible.
  • edited December 2008
    peter c .has one of our rAIA gold medal from a coupla years back i think.
    seems suddenly pertinant on that thread.

    sympathise finding origin- be worse than hangover going thru hagues internet book.

    hagues page 1 wanker comments stand
    but page 3 virgins round the campfire being broken on the freshly plowed paddocks no.
    your saying keep the comments more bogan in tone admin - and its ok? (ha ha ha).
    but it IS fair for the goose to be gandered?
    if he shoots with intent.
  • edited 7:26PM
    No rules against bogan verse or pastoral poetry.
    I don't mind what geese get up to in the privacy of their own habitat.
  • edited December 2008
    Seasons Greetings
    To all.
  • edited 7:26PM
    "I know there are people reading this forum who are not contributing as they tell me they'll just get shot down for their efforts. That's a bit sad."

    Hear, hear! I read these forums fairly regularly and can't help but notice the same 5 or 6 posters constantly engaging in self-congratulatory back slapping and wanky architectural "in-jokes". The garbled gibberish that takes up most of the space on these forums is useless to everyone else, if not because of the lack of clarity in presenting their opinion then because of the lame grasp of English that these posters (posers?) seem to possess.

    I wonder whether any of these people actually contribute anything meaningful to architecture in Australia, other than the vituperrious rantings and ramblings one must delve through in navigating these pages.

    Circle-jerk indeed.
  • edited February 2009
    The following was received by email from an ex poster. It has been stripped of identifying information. I am unsure what to do.

    Just a quick heads up. Have loved butterpaper for years. You have done wonderful things. And all off you own bat!!! BRAVO....
    I always, well at least check out the site once a week and I am a registered user.

    I have hesitated in writing to you about this, but the latest thread on the fires is well…….the last straw.

    I dont know what to suggest here, as I am at a loss for a solution.

    I have not made any comments etc and lurking alot recently.

    I appreciate that comments are necessary for a dynamic forum....but lately I have been appalled at the behaviour of a few users - the language and flaming that is occurring....

    I have become too scared to comment: the tone of the forum has fallen to almost personal vendettas, and disgusting attacks on anything, anyone and everything that a number of users consider bad form.

    Any and nearly all comments are destroyed by this group of users.

    Pete, they have hijacked butterpaper forums.

    I am sorry that I can not offer you a solution on this, but I will not be commenting on butterpaper for the foresable future.

    I just don't have the nerve anymore to comment. Flames and discussion turn into personal attacks, not the normal open debate. Any comments on this, are inturn riduculed.

    I am sure you have moderators etc but I am for the moment I will be lurking.
    I will continue to check out the news, but I think I will give the forums a miss. I can no longer bear to read the diatribe of shit that is appearing through all the topics.

    This has been the subject of a number of conversations with archi mates over the last couple of months.

    I support your work, and wish it well, and if there is anything that I can do to help, (even if it is not providing a solution to this problem) please let me know.
  • edited 7:26PM
    I am not intending to ban people from the forum. They can always reregister under a different name so what is the point?
    If lurkers are worried about the content, the only thing I can think of to rebalance it is to recommend that they start posting.
  • edited February 2009
    "owners" should get over it.
    get into it.
    or go.

    an option would be for the site admin to remove the post editing tool.
    (the one the posters use). be interesting reading for the record.

    i personally enjoy the lightning rod that romps around the site telling me and everyone else they are stoopid sick stylists. place wouldn't have any character if it weren't for him.
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