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  • edited April 2010
    doubt it was real macca.........? had 2 b a hoax 2 write that shite?
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    Think your right HD, the magazine known as (xxxxx) is respectable.
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    ^^^ very true PJ.

    gossip says 1 of arsetrailyahs not so leading magazines is getting a clean out.
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    Not before time.

    .........but whats this about architecture is opinion.
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    Had a request for a architectural q'n'a forum a year ago which I agreed to - finally got round to doing it and moved some posts over to it.
    That meant that 'architecture' forum name was now too broad. Haven't settled on anything yet...
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    PJ = tony johns of architecture?

    could b good -loved the way he treated Penny W with contempt the other night - kept the smile on his face and the tone of his voice po lite. u get the feeling Krudd has fcuked up big time?
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    It was good. Though I still want to know what pink-shirted guy's question was - Tony said he would come back to him.

    ABC kinda pinched a generic term - can't think of summat short and sweet - will start a thread - winner gets TimTams.
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    pink shirt was the wong stooge 4 a comp lick ated krudd scripted q + fluffed it?
    nice idea. ^ country needs a bit of Q + A when it comes to architecture.

    salon gossip says moanumeants been feeding some ferrets they keep in a cage out the back.
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    Luke, you seem to have single-handedly turned this into a forum where every thread has the same name! And your almost every post is about the same thing... the Victorian government architect's office! It used to be cloaked and I didn't figure out the riddles, but now its right there on the cover.

    I'm dead sick of this harping on, consider this a warning before you lose your account. Yes, booted. And HD, despite some beauties, you're close behind.

    The warnings are forgotten, you continue with the bile. You're defecating on my vege patch and I'm over cleaning up after you.

    I am going to have to go in there again with the [xxxx] pooper scooper soon, not a task I like to spend 'free' time on.
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  • edited 8:18PM
    ^^ fair go - my comic horror stories have a broad cast of characters + general themes!
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    ^^ ok P
    sounds like you're being leaned on too - let me guess?
    but you do need to thank me for leaving such a healthy amount of manure on your vege patch
    the banana section has turned nuts ... mission accomplished

  • edited 8:18PM
    No I'm not being leaned on. Yes there's a lot of manure - whether that is healthy we'll just have to see.
  • edited 8:18PM
    ^ By your own admission, you removed Mr McKenzie's Proposition thread due to his direct claims upon you. Understandable, but a pity, it was probably the first genuine debate to surface in Melbourne for a while.
  • edited May 2010
    Ya, Some of architekts know ideas competitions is bad for them.
    Herr McKenzie for Architekture Review was being the case for good.
    Time and skill wasting is bad for ESD ok.
  • edited 8:18PM
    ^^ The warning above related to continuing posts about the govarch, not Proposition. And it was just a warning. HD & Luke both sent me requests to be switched off, so I did so.
  • edited May 2010
    set it to automatic
    its gotta be better than listening to those two.

    [URL fixed- mod]
  • edited 8:18PM
    Trouble is I have to set what is 'automatic'. There's always a human in there somewheres... unless it's twitter, which may well be where they migrate.
  • edited 8:18PM
    ^^^ Not a bad post that. Read it off the twitter feed a few days back.

    I agree with most of it, but do think comps are useful for profile-building (if you DIY PR), and for nutting out how to approach these sorts of jobs as an office before you actually land one in the real world. Training wheels.
  • edited 8:18PM
    ^^^^ - Why are you sensitive about the Victorian Government Architect's office? Despite the whining there was some very clear interogation of its legitimacy - none of which has been resolved.
    Irrespective of who asked - you still agreed to pull the plug on two bloggers. A moderator not being leaned on would have said 'no' - and told them to both simply stop posting if they felt so inclined.
  • edited 8:18PM
    I was annoyed that there were repetitive threads emerging - several with almost the same name and about the same thing. None seemed to get any closer to the point of what is wrong with the govarch's office, they were beating about the bush and seemed more and more intended to just ridicule the govarch personally - which is out of bounds. I think it was OK to say 'oi'.

    The posts are still alive, so can be responded to and continued.

    I pulled the plug because I was firmly asked to by both account holders. Should they wish to turn the accounts back on, they can just ask and it will be done.
  • edited 8:18PM
    The ongoing failures of the Vic Govt Office seem clearly detailed - it would be incorrect to
    re-contextualise those threads as a personal attack.

    The actions surrounding the supression of the Proposition thread were both dissappointing and revealing.
    Perhaps it would be wiser to omit the comment options for future Notices?
  • edited 8:18PM
    ^ I'll leave the first - we're obviously reading the text differently.

    On the second, sorry you were disappointed. There isn't much to reveal though. The thread was getting picked up at #2 by google. I was informed of their concern about its effect on the competition - which I thought was fair enough. I tried to address this by blocking google from the thread but that didn't work, so I took the action that I did. They never requested the deletion.

    Take your point on the last - that is the way I mean to do it. It defaults to comments on, and I forget sometimes.
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    ^^^ "Oi" - ?
  • edited June 2010
    ^ Not a euro punk "Oi!", more an Aussie way of saying "Hey, WTF"
  • edited 8:18PM
    You are mistaken? I see Olympics. It is stolen football chant, not pretty, not WTF.


    Holland and Germany say WTF for looking at this?
  • edited 8:18PM
    I will try to be more considerate to non strine speakers from now on.

    Glad MONA pavilions are stimulating such a response from the deutsch & dutch nations, at such a distance. Got to love the interweb.
  • edited 8:18PM
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