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  • When will you get it that your rather reviled HD. Your abusive and happy for it. That is repulsive and a lot of posters and readers are fed up with you.
    You have no arguements. You just love abusing people and then blaming them for what you serve up to them. Right there above you call me a lightning rod for your attacks. You blame me for what you have to say. You are responsible for what you write. I don't ask you for that. I just posit my position and then hope for a good response. I don't think there is such a thing as a "stoopid sick stylist" I just have a position on architecture that it deserves a far more thorough and robust raison d'ert than mere style.
    I was appalled that your answer to the question "what can we do for the fire victims" was to call for the closing of RMIT. WHAT! I might not think much of cyber design and some of the stuff that comes out of there but I know that many people love RMIT and that RMIT makes a fantastic cultural contribution. Above all I know that RMIT is made up of people who are as deeply concerned about the fire disaster as the rest of us. I think your comments are innapropriate. Seek counselling perhaps, or just drink more beer, but please stop imagining that your comments are intelligent and reasonable or wanted in these forums.
    I know and acknowlege the place that style has but no matter how often I say that you continue to ignore it and go on with your blind attack!!!  Just because I like to comment and have differing opinions doesn't mean I abuse people. I confess I have been robust and I don't suffer fools gladly, but I and quite a few others are just so sick of your in house archi jokes and blokey viturpetude. Frankly I can't see the point of you. I just can't see what you aim to achieve. 
     Why? HD why? Better still, please just go, you're really not wanted around here.
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    ss, now i can tell you really aren't an architect....
    otherwise you'd have an understanding about architecture and narcissism...
    i learnt this listening to these bastards while drivin them around the city all day....
    but a mere thought...hmmm
  • Cabbie  I just though it might be worth a try. I was narcissistic imagining that it might happen, as i and a fair few others it seems would wish it.
    Considering how often the same has been demanded of me, one would think, mmmm, borishness is obviously immutable.
    By the bye. Why don't you take up truck driving if you hate your customers so much?
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    HD, SS, Cabbie et al

    I love your biased commentaries. I get your gags and biases, I have been crit'd by Haig, winkled by lesser studio hacks and impressed by your generous excoriation. Long may you run, this passionate black banter.
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    thanks nev. for tuning into the goon show.

    its a dirty job trimming fred nile's nasal passages.
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    HD, You really should stick to haircuts. At least I am working in the proffesion I presume to talk about
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    No monopoly on the truth comes from within the tent. Professionally speaking, use spell check.
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    In terms of requests for contributors to bugger off - SS is winning by a long shot.
    But I would be pretty disappointed if SS did bugger off to pagan land with his full deck of race cards - his contribution is as equally antiquated as others.
    The big conversation for the last decade has been money - not architecture. Now that money has gone, and the once were's are now turning irrelevant we finally have a debate on our hands.
    And Butterpaper is the only forum.
    Snip, snip ...
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    mr. youboreme - hague's tipping hard your stables taking out the mexican autumn carnival?

    tubemaker, black box, sicilian crevate and debutant's fold been good nags.
    ....but you gotta wonder with the weight they're carrying this racing season.

    - any jockey gossip info?
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    Short of setting aside a special thread for those who wish to argue and name call ( I believe in software engineering they call it a 'sandbox'), might I just suggest, as was suggested to me, that if you think a poster is talking worthless rot, you simply reply to the post above that and ignore the one full of hatin' (they see me rollin'...).
    I like aggressive and or obscure debate, but the personal stuff has gotten a bit old. If you really have to do the personal attacks, why not get in the spirit of things and do it with a nice 2D drawing, with nothing by line weights as your tools of expression?
  • no letter to ed.

    only dis-course.
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    discourse is 4 inclusivists.

    db8 = 2 (+) positions?
  • Wye. You had the glasses didn't you?  You're a gourmand at heart. Bravo!
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    @ travis
    castro has more style
  • db8 = roberta_flack on car cassette?

    dv8? you do butt waxing also?

    cab: he does. he had che as a trailing puppy.

    did you get t.ito to autograph your crockee?
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    try here............
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    send em up the road to this bloke twavis.

    lot of the creative classes like urself come in looking for the crack and sack.
    i'm only a shoulder to cry on - kimmy's got answers for the full range of small bloke anxieties.
  • hd:4 sounds bout right. not quite a militia. 1 more than a bolshy troika.

    skinny latte on the road for me. kim is kinda cute.

    like your work.
  • this guy liked your work too.

    trying to break into the asian market also?
    paul.jpg 145.9K
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    still stuck at the airport rank travis ?
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    St. Kilda gave triangles a bad name.
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    flowers or weeds info.

    hot house organisms springing up in the furthest corners of a cultivated garden would indicate the latter?

    r u suggesting uncontrolled burning or selective blowtorching.
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    4 sure I'd b talking 2 a lawyah re the person mascararaiding as macca 4 the slanderous tiredraid posted up.
    lucky i m a non de plume.
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    I reckon you might still get a call from the legal arm of the trustees of Lewis Carroll's estate Peter.
  • edited 8:16PM
    L C stole T + T from some other poet mate?

    wots macca got against cocks and carmichael is the question. all peoples think they r a great old marxican office.
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    I have deleted two threads, the later one one being a continuation of the earlier one (though ampped up).

    Negative criticism is OK. Hurling mud is not.
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