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Mexican Academy of Hair Styling.

edited May 2009 in architecture
EOI list.

the mantle piece leaner + officedA
Don't Come Mondays
Hank and Julie Long hair.
Saukraut and Mutton + NH
C R McRide
Dollar and Scarf fiddler.


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    ooh, that was quick. You know, if you all actually discussed this in the open, this sort of unfortunate unraveling of events might not happen.

    But, you know. Snark works as well.
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    has it unravelled already.

    i got money down that Hank and Julie Long hair have it in the bag.
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    Will the TAB shorten the odds?
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    Would like to put a fiver on horse no.4 for a place
    A fiver for a win on the nose no.5 (its my lucky number)
    A fiver on longshot no.3 if the odds come in around 10/1
    Word at the stable that horse no.1 is scratched
    And horse no.2 suspected broken leg - may need to be shot
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    Here comes the winner
    1.jpg 26.5K
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    ^ha ha ha.

    looks to be some push-me-pulls-yous amongst the show ponies.
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    c'mon has to be dcm with a bullet. the process is a charade.
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    ^ reckon smellsalot - the shoe shine boy in the stewards box - thinks it is miles.
    he's been playing charades and social strip poker for years.

    what happened to ms candy pinot?
    - the frenchie with bad hair that stepped into her underpants doesn't look she'd be any fan of the can't come anymores.
  • sodsod
    edited May 2009
    dcm? - almost as good as DJ getting the renovation back in the late 80's
    dcm with a bullet - in the head maybe.
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    ps. that horse is rreversing by the way
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    show ponies, two engined carts, horses walking backwards. irrelevant race stewards on the stink.
    don't see any unravelling of events agfish^^^^^^^(xalot)
    see more there the exact outcome of your out-in-the-open discourse disfunction
    (AR AA AIApeanutnights RRRspincasts).

    Hairdresser has money down.
    -take a look at the GT stripe - squizz the mexican EOI brief.
    Hank and Julie Longhair pulled out of Flinders Street years ago.
    maybe a train with an engine, carriages and caboose?
    enough for the barber shop to be buying a slab to celebrate over the cobblers making no cut.
    Few old boys who think they r shoulda beens feeling F'd off this weekend.
    Top result so far.
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    More whispers at the race track
    Odds are being pulled in on horse no.4
    Stewards don't want to waste the bullet on no.1
    WIll see how they look in the yard
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    odds on the parade director will have a hissy...then create a new title.....
    HD...this place is more canadian than mexican....they'd never kiss pigs....
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    hes run out of room for more floats in the pageant.
    only thing left to do is become the new queen when this one dies.
    - no worse than Prince Charles when it comes to architectural interests.
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    more concern that the sga is the head of this gingerbread man. he needs to be careful getting dragged into this AUIA 'endorsed' revolving door.
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    you can only hope gravitarse keeps on throwing caution to the wind, hogtied to brimbank and brian burke?

    check out 3 grades of architects registered for the Krudd education prod (public division).
    presumably he influenced the grading. or he didn't. either way its an inditement.
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    Which 3 grades might they be HD?
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    interesting list.


    gravitarse the maitre d?
    at one giant lean quisine tv dinner - honed in the kitchens of baby boomer politicians during their prepatory years dishwashing in the public service - now fed to fat cats in the upper dining room, the black shirts down in the bistro and the beggars at the bins round the back - but small flies don't want to buzz for miles to sniff the big transnational coiler as it comes out?
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    its a bleak future......
    two external views, two different buildings?  smoke and mirrors?
    more of it......

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    coulda been worse. Don't Comes mighta won! - or maybe a giant purple klein bottle.

    personally i think its a terrific effort from the mantle piece leaner -
    - a 21C update of the existing building that won't upset the staff by putting them in something better.
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    was thinking it looked a bit more like a kimba the white lions cartoon?

    - mexican auia headquarters and hairstyling academy r haircut by the same barber?
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    is there a four star system for icons cabbie?
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    put this sticker on the drawings
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    took a look at xhabitchen.

    top notch dog show.
    ren and stimpy's remake of halfhard GSD is sidesplitting?
    looked like they had dug j. andrews up and chucked some paper and a packet of marlboros in his coffin and come back a week later for the drawings.

    bottle breaker's (h. cobbler junior) is double leashed. thought of an old labrador that used to live next door and barked at itself all the time.
    Kali longhairs kooked out in the spotlight = half the staff coulda knocked up a better building and saved MU $50K (wasted slot. interesting names on the wallpaper wall of entries woulda done a nice job with the chance - take a magnifying glass if u want to look)

    Don't Comes let their hair down, did a death star dressed in old stockings. 4 star icon.

    The mantle piece leaner has let rip on a virtuouso performance of nothing. best bit of fire place stoking you will see this side of wuthering heights.

    Saukraut and hold the onions least interesting = most interesting? (but not uninteresting enuff)
    trick with old commerce facade would put percy everitt to shame? compare with Mantlepiece and Don't Comes alexander downer approach.
    probably shoulda won but i cut hair on people not dogs and wouldn't know.

    on way back to vehicle spotted a number down a street south of meteor twee masterpieces.
    student apartments - precast pattern facade with kicked out orange glass skirt.
    who did it? anyone know. got degrumpy after a look at it.
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    ^^^^^HD: look harder - it's a fish:
    scales, body and tail to boot - they might be on(to) something
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    Think this is the only decent thing on the street - unless I've been too busy negotiating Gehl bike lanes to notice. Precast interest but no orange glass skirt:
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    ^^ luke.....more like this
  • edited September 2009
    seen the drawings luke - not so fishy. u r thinking totems and cricket bats hey.
    but trick of the eye - just old building pulled down and redone to match mantlepiece. cabbie is on the right track. pink column in vicinity of rear seems to say it.

    no peter not the dog show winner.
    hairdresser finds canadian pile is moose droppings.
    its something else - further west toward elizabeth street in tangle of blocks south of MU private parts.
    looks like a cross between howlett and the smithsons?
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