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Early bets for 2009 Awards

edited January 2009 in architecture
Early days yet but any punters out there willing to make a call on awards for this year?


  • sodsod
    edited January 2009
    boot will sccop up in victoria at least - what will beat it in the national awards? the limbs will have to carry the vic medal & sir zelamn
  • +ve+ve
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    There is a standard process thought, right? Any serious contender will need to have been recently published or on the verge of being published. My bet is for the National Portrait Gallery. No trickery here, just light, space and materiality, a perfect choice for uncertain times?
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    sods got mexico pegged.
    not hard really.

    My call is that this year will be one of those years that makes a good case for the outlawed option of not giving out awards.
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    new office?
    good name.
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    +ve ... did the National Portrait Gallery get past the numb NCA archi-dept unscathed? (post some images). Simon Kringas's Reconciliation Place was the last project I heard to get injected with NCA H.
    No, my bet for services to architecture would have to be the NCA full stop - what they do takes considerable focus and a genuine lack of talent - right under the hairy nose of the RAIA's National Office too.
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    ^shit barbers in Canberra. not enough attention to noses and ears.

    heres one for ACT - be Liens ANU pentagram.
    whoa - checked it flipping thru Monumental Fcukups @ the tatts agent.
    new directions in mexican po mo?
    had to pick it up for the shop.

    their old people factory in AIA dunny reader must be a runner south of the rio too.
    jury will respect the honesty. thousands of bricks all with a thumbprint.

    stacking the mag rack with humour this year to brighten up gloomy customers.
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    nutha thought.
    any one know if the big conference hall/xhibition centre in mexico city is finished for awards.
    have not seen it close up.
    seems ok - done a big mutha of a facade without playing with themselves.
    have to take a closer look 1 day.
    dark horse?
  • +ve+ve
    edited 10:47PM
    Up north, it'll be Richard Kirk's new uni building for UQ. It is so sharp you could use it to shave with.
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    @info - have just seen NPG in Canberra.
    can seen how it got past NCA unscathed.
    dead hand murcat parti dressed up in tiz monumumentality.
    be to their taste -- totally screws up the national gallery which had been raped anyway.
    canberra is looking like the same shithole as the rest of the country.

    My $ is on a big gong @ national awards over the boot.
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    I attended the 2009 AIA Awards Jury Presentations, in particular, I sat in on about 70% of the Residential category- also attended multi residential category; residential additions, and heritage sections.These impressions are necessarily without the benefit of a comprehensive survey of the total entants.

    My impressions:
    Blubberland. Alas,the new hybrid house is the Mornington Peninsula compound. Part retirement village, part holiday home, part dream home where the traditional Melbourne House is but one element in the multi-generational, transitional space.

    In short, I was disenchanted with the the multi-million budget homes. As the older wags not so sotto voce opined "I could do a pretty good house if I had $2 million!

    The elephant in the room was the budget. How many entrants had a budget in excess of $800,000 or > $4000 per square metre? These are architectural McMansions. Sure, lip service is paid to orientation, passive solar heating and the like which ought be given design common sense, but the jury was regaled with built allotments of in excess of 450 square metres- up to 770 square metres.

    Fair dinkum these residences are formerly, historically 4 family home Aussie homes. Supersizing is the new norm. Not once, NOT ONCE critiqued, discussed, debated.

    Architecture apparently is the exclusive domain of the retiring rich.
    NEVER was there a discourse of how architecture debates tract housing or how architecture competes with prefabs. Instead the debate was an assumed realm where rich patrons briefed architects for bespoke results if you had the money, intellect and balls to brief.

    It was depressing.
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    $4K a metre. not expensive nev. more your M O R.
    try 7 or 8 K for some of these.
    but y split hairs.

    more to the use would discourse be? discourse = baby boomer smokescreen for boosterism?

    a shouting match is what the fcukers need.
  • sodsod
    edited 10:47PM
    7-8k a sqm is closer to the mark for most of that babyboomer legacy housing. - pretty expensive crap.
    u r right NK - can't sustain a sustainabiltiy argument for so much flab in a building - any architect trying that line on with McArchitect housing deserves a kick in the Mchead. Mcjury members probably too embarassed to ask questions.
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    re "$4K a metre...
    try 7 or 8 K for some of these."
    "7-8k a sqm is closer to the mark for most of that babyboomer legacy housing."

    Too true. I thought I was being fair. Too fair. ONE of them was a mere 4k. The rest la la land save a very modest artist's Euroa studio which was a labour of love for Col Bandy.

    What happened to Rawlinson's 'architect designed medium quality' finish 2.5-3k?
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    u must be looking at the glenville homes architect style model nev in rawlinsons.

    ...but the builder boys r not stepping forward to pull their pants down just yet so $ stay high.
    Purse mouth up in canberra might help things along with the dackings by backtracking on r talk tho.

    anyway fuk the awards - who cares there is fishing to be done.
    awards a bit like the conference - going down like a lead balloon sales wise i hear.
    fcukers are sending out begging emails. i wanna see em pull their pants down on the ticket $.
    i mean - who gives a shit about listening to melbs geriatrics beat their broken drums one more time.
    i put em equal to flicking coins at derros outside the supermarket.
  • sodsod
    edited 10:47PM
    hd - that's a recession proof line up of speakers - what else r u going to spend your $900 hand out on?
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    sod - my 0.9K is going on some 19th century hairstyling books.
  • edited May 2009
    late call for mexican medal is mcr.
    for that school building in Carlton.

    I'm putting money down on the AIA running an aggenda with the only $ show in any town - the feds education bubble.
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    the 'smart' category?
  • sodsod
    edited 10:47PM
    got any pics hd?
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    not immediately at hand.

    racetrack gossip predicting upset.
  • edited August 2009
    Is this the one - have been meaning to gallop the trusty steed over to have a look at it. I guess City of Yarra has no control over schools? Thank the lord. A friend said he almost drove off the road when he saw it. His wife not too impressed when he stopped to take photos in the rain as several munchkins screamed away in the back of the rusty jalopy. He is unable to figure out how to get photos off his iphone so I will go take some more.
    Ah the link..
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    Nice images - love the sexy aalto vase like curves
    Any chance of a plan?

    [iphone - need to email the image through the email application]
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    - building has novelty value in spades.
    figure the town will get in a shaving lather with MCR bringing back the Heyduk Mullet.
    - presses all the cute buttons - everyone's idea of a school since 1950.
    -its not a showroom (looking like or built like) unlike every other thing south of the Rio for 10 years including MCR's own work.
    -he's staying one step ahead of the borg assimilation team.

    - I didn't think it was in awards. it is?

    maybe tip was garbled.
    but the white shoelaces might not be all laced up.
  • sodsod
    edited 10:47PM
    sauerbruch hutton tempered with some corrigan maybe. bit cute.
    was the convention centre in the awards this year?
  • edited May 2009
    unfortunately not.
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    boot boot boot is what i hear...
    but controversy in the stack a shack category
  • sodsod
    edited 10:47PM
    stack a shack is always pretty hopless - category should be deleted and rolled into housing.
  • edited 10:47PM
    yep....been in that neighbourhood few times recently...
    a suburb full of black shirts, MCR have given it a splash of colour to an otherwise bland suburb of backyard extensions....
    far more interesting context than the boot......put those foul things outside to air.....
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