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RRR - worst 10 buildings?

edited December 2008 in architecture
RRR architecture show. top 10.
1. skinners childrens park - phooey
2. water cube, china PTW
3. mtn building, denmark, BIG
4. albury cultural centre ARM
5. Oslo Opera House, Snohetta
6. nigel peck centre JWA
7 lyons house NMBW
8 monaco house MCR
9 seaford life saving club. RS
10 china o stadium HdeM.

contextualises melbourne internationally?
JWA but no M3.

hairsalons of australia's #1.


  • sodsod
    edited 6:25AM
    M3 is a weird omission. i'm pretty sure the better presenter on the show was on the national RAIA awards jury. did he forget or is the phoohey selection a limp backlash against an elite institution getting the big gong in the national awards?
    NMBW over MCR's Klien bottle?? i guess you could run comparisons all day but it's a stinking shit of a list.

    never been a big fan of the show and went right off it after the jellyback coverage of Venice. - didn't hear the top ten, thanks for posting it

    HD - what project is the hairsalon #1?
  • edited December 2008
    its an irish hairstyle.
    sean o'casey community centre
    o'donnell tourney
    sent to me by a mate - fresh minted - unpublished as yet.

    circular windows are double glazed, wood framed and pivot open - the reveals are lined with tiles inside.
    japs would be hard pressed to surpass it.
    (contrast that with ya wood marsh)
  • sodsod
    edited 6:25AM
    nice project - best swiss cheese i've seen. the flush windows look super tight.

    makes JCB's Hue project look a bit lumpy.
  • edited 6:25AM
    re M3.
    presenter sending a message out to JWA he did not vote for M3 at AIA national.
    Least its out how one vicco stood on it.
  • sodsod
    edited 6:25AM
    i don't believe they would compromise their commentary for the sake of sending a message - m3 must be just below 10 or maybe its a crappy building.

    makes sense when you point out the loyalties.
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    M3 got up on last year's top 10.

    1. Brisbane Girls Grammar, M3 Architecture
    2. State Library Queensland, Donovan Hill
    3. SANAA's new museum in soho, nyc
    4. Cape Schanck House, Paul Morgan
    5. Eureka Tower, Fender Katsalidis
    6. THE NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM OF ART Kansas City, Steven Holl
    7. DCM Civil Justice Centre, Manchester
    8. UTAS Architecture School - Six Degrees and SBE
    9. Klein Bottle House, MCR
    10. Tama Art University Library, Toyo Ito

    Not a bad list i reckon, apart from the Brizzie heavy top!
  • sodsod
    edited 6:25AM
    thanks for the correction - Klien bottle is on last years list too.

    its a better list but how could Eureka make it to No5 and SANAA is only 3?
  • edited December 2008
    @HD - good link to the Irish Community Centre Found another link via the the O'Donnel Toumey sitewith more pictures etc The project is a corker - architecture diligently worked through As an aside, UME editors continue to snub the Irish and omit from their out-of-breath journal Exactly why I stopped buying at issue 10 (2 more than I should have) Buck stopped when HB rewarded GOMA's architects with a big x-rated spread in last year's issue [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]  @SOD - spot on, RRR = raving radio retards Also cheap buggers A trip to Venice (via AIA $$$) made them dribble more than usual @SIDEBURN - the SLQ is a genuine piece of brilliance Despite the raving mad SLQ executive
    [xxx = edit by editor]
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    Maybe Carey supplied the list to the RRR boys
    Part of the Venice payout
  • edited December 2008
    ahh - thanks sideburn. I fcukedup re M3.

    @ sod - klein bottle different(?) from monaco house (which is not a house?)

    @ info - your worked up.
    still thats a good point re that dud GOMA building.

    so I stuck up my #1 and I'm just a fcuken hairstylist.
    got to be a better list.
    I'll give you my #2.
    Fremantle house WA by Pendal and Angus
    but these could go anywhere in a 10.

    The Ito library is already the building of the century on anyone's list comes through the salon.
    those guys are schmucks putting it at 10 last year.
  • sodsod
    edited 6:25AM
    info - bit harsh on RRR, you shouldn't expect much from an infotainmnet program.
  • edited December 2008
    @SOD - you;re right - but RRR still advertise as 'The Architects is a weekly discussion show talking about Architecture, Sustainabilty and Design.' - so I reckon they reckon they are more ... not less.

    @HD - #2 - no haircut required - love the description in the RAIA archive - all numbers - then a tight plan 15x15. Sweet as.

    What about this for a #3 - McKenzie House, Havelock North, NZ
    Makes our preoccupations with retro Qlders up here look stunningly stupid (more than usual that is)
  • edited December 2008
    nice one info.
    put photo up for you.
    bit of a bach by the looks.
  • edited December 2008
    additional re HD#1
  • edited December 2008
    a friend the cab driver - sent me this for the top 10. south america. church.
    still under construction - slowly (money).
  • The thing that astonishes me is that you guys are bandying about a whole lot of geometrical experimentation, as if your in the 'in' crowd discussing the very hippest, with the very latest, and yet this geometrical experimentation was dealt with by the Renaissance masters over 500 years ago.
    Yes you like the stuff and i would be the first to grant you that, BUT, you dismiss a design method unhindered by geometry and concerned with issues important today that Murcutt has offered you on the basis that it is out of date mainly, and yet Brunelleschi and Bramante and even Raphael have given you 500 years ago all this tiresome wanking about decorative triangles and perspective playthingo. But because you're all just so hip to the f'n groove you can not see at all that what i am saying is true and you can not let go of your precious egos to realize it. You're so utterly convinced of your own ascendancies you cant see the wax melting from your wings.
    All the modern architecture that you're frothing over was done before except that it was deservedly left in the sketchbooks of baroque staircase designers. It is literally bootlaces and nothing more and your earnest discussion of it is the tongue of said boot.
    I like some of what i have seen you posting and discussing, but unlike you i don't pretend to be god all f'n mighty.

    Can you not see that your main reason to write is not to further the interests of those around you but, like a colored bird feather is full of genetically relevant but otherwise pointless acronyms, your intent is only to make yourself known to another like minded wanker. Why don't you just shut up here and go piss in one another's pockets somewhere else . This is just as much my forum as yours and I don't like your insular bullshit one little bit either.
    As if one single architect cares a crumb what you have to say about their work. And as if your so f'n good you can demand my silence. You have one bloody big ticket on yourselves you sanctimonious mob of wannabees.
  • By the bye, your examples are pleasant enough to look at and to be fair your vitriolic criticisms have softened slightly over the weeks as your relationships with each other have developed,(a problem of non visual communication is that the usual psychological stages of introduction to familiarity is somewhat reversed), but if you go to any number of appreciative blogs and architecture sites you'll notice that most deal in images that speak for themselves.

    You don't have to add your encrypted two bobs worth because all that does is pinch the edges of an otherwise informative image. Which is another thing that the renaissance taught us that modern architecture seems in need of learning again. Embellishment is blurring a point.

    Apologies for my anger at your apparent hypocrisies. No apologies for pointing them out.
  • edited December 2008
    must have had the gps turned off
  • edited 6:25AM
    @HD - good link - a very interesting site for the Chilean group. The Kiltro House on their site appears beautifully worked as well. A tight plan - box/roof/patio/terrace/sunscreen. The patio is a hole in the middle. The suncreen is a stretched timber skin - sweet. #4 and #5?

    Great to see an example of the next generation doing it - presumably with little $$$ - but massive ideas.
  • edited December 2008
    mr seasons. is your dog on heat? get [xxxxxx] to [xxxxxx] it.
    [xxx = edit by editor]
  • edited December 2008
    best office building in aus this year?
    Donovan Hill Brisbane.
  • edited December 2008
    tiresome wanking about decorative triangles?
  • edited December 2008
    built model of coloured triangles?
    community involvement? external mosaics!
    $60,000 USD for 200m2.
  • Thanks hairdresser for your triangular triumph. Touche sir, and thank you also for being gentleman enough to illustrate my point about embellishment and functional design in the process.

    Miles, you reveal yourself to be a crude evolutionist in that feathered male colorful tongued hairy chesty bloke posturing competition type of evolutionist. I bet you think that the Murcuttian architectural method should be disparaged in that unpleasant terminology to which you have descended because it's rare in its pure application and therefore not surviving that battle of the fittest going on in your mind.
  • edited December 2008
    mr seasons your schitzo has kicked in again. you begin by general abuse to all on the forum, ( we were having a bit of fun banter) you arrive then follow it up with more [xxxx] jibberish, then expect to be treated nicely...? back to the clinic dear boy before you do yourself some damage and disappear again.
  • edited 6:25AM
    discourse. mr seasons. discourse. you dont get that at tafe.
  • edited December 2008
    @ ss.
    I agree with you - murcutt is a triumph of plasterboard.
    if we were doing the top 500 - he'd definitely slide in mid to late 400s.

    your debunking of the little chilean church is sobering.

    perhaps its functional in a latin american kind of way?
    but you're correct - it simply satisfies a primitive and ape-like taste for the ornamental!
    on the basis of your feedback I have revised its position to #1.

    I'd like to nominate pauline hanson's fish and chip shop as the top building of the last 25 years in deference to you.
  • Hairdresser. I was not debunking the Chilean church at all. It is obviously functionally designed and its embellishment is restrained and practical. Your sarcasm is misplaced because you and others just can't understand that i just don't have a stylistic prejudice. I know that you think i do because that is the basis on which you attempt to debunk me.
    I don't like the Klein bottle because its front door, or is it its back door, is an ohs nightmare and its function, to be lived in, is ignored by the architect in favour of their desire to dominate the site and the occupants with ego. Both buildings could fairly be said to belong to a stylistic synthesis but your Chilean chapel is obviously designed with the site in mind and the users of the building included.

    Miles. You have spent a large part of the last few months contributions abusing me repeatedly and calling for my expulsion latterly. I told you to piss off with a tongue in one cheek really but frankly, what's good for the goose is calling in a black pot and cooking it. You can have it both ways if you want but don't be so offended at being called a hypocrite. You were having a bit of fun banter you say. well and good, but you're not the only one with permission to have fun banter, or an opinion, or taste, or prejudice if you want to go there.

    sheesh, sensitive AND offensive!
  • edited December 2008
    @ ss - the flexible human spine is something to marvel as I rotate customers heads into position.

    I had not considered oh&s standards.
    your critique excludes murcutt's inclusion in a top 500 - I agree.
    no handrail on the verandah of the ball eastaway house
    and windowless isolation from the interior = errant wanker streak.
    perceptive of you identifying affinity with r. mcbride.

    this thread is a nominal top 10 buildings.
    you've eliminated your sole nominee.
    I promise to run a top 1000 in another life.

    I'd request of the site admin an automatic transfer of your posts beyond this point to a private school labour party owning food spitting i'm respectably 1/50th aborigine come to architecture late in life dinner party.
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