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Regrowth Reviewed

edited June 2009 in architecture
Is the Victorian Government Architect serious about this Regrowth idea?
Those offerings are third rate
Save the Queensland horse - DHA - a well seasoned dry weather performer
Where to start? Barrier #1?


  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    you'd rate them luke?

    burnt out lovell chens rip off of 1/2 a Kahn's 60s project wouldn't rate in the 80s - why now?

    JWA doing the usual pumping up of literal piece of information.
    bit like doing a doctors house with a heartbeat plan.
    wonder how they talked themselves into the ember tray roof.
  • luke
    edited November -1
    Only one winner on the track. Strips are second year jockey standard. Worrying that 17 of the 18 are running for this race only. #7 already made - ready for order - can't be messed with by the Victorian Steward.
    #1 - dodgy plan
    #2 - tortured entry route
    #3 - dodgy plan
    #4 - where do you hang the saddle
    #5 - perfect for DINKs
    #6 - teenagers will hate it
    #7 - winner
    #8 - perfect for 2xDINKs
    #9 - ash catcher 1
    #10 - car-side-step-entry
    #11 - perfect for correctional services
    #12 - lunar
    #13 - turd shaped ash catcher 2
    #14 - car-to-entry-wet-runner
    #15 - ash catcher 3
    #16 - kahn copyright infringement
    #17 - ash catcher 4
    #18 - rear hind is deformed

    All in all, the Victorian Steward has set up a dud race.
  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    ^.... looks like architects are a bit out of practice at this sort of stuff is all.

    lot of them wouldn't fit on a 1/4 acre block - suppose they don't have to?
    have to hope north was not back or front - most too long to fit across your av. slice of heaven. be a side fence stare to get em on.

    dazzles son sums up common formula at its greyest. kath and kim holiday house? - st. kilda road sales mockup? - or staff shed at a municipal tip? wonder if they were going after that effect deliberately?

    to the common hairdresser - hinged one looks ok.
    I'd take it for free - ditch the tin shithouse look and get some top class bricks on it.
    dice the pansy garage for a decent shed to park the hdute, harley trike, quad , ride a mower and chain saw quiver. double basins are gay - would have to go.
    any carpenter with 2 left hands and speed boat on h.p. could get his head around it after a grizzle.
    design would hide any big mistakes. just need a decent slice of mulga to park it.

    apart from it can't see a winner.
    have to wait for gravitarse to point me past brylcreem taste.
    wondering if the exhibition has opening drinks or will the x cop run it like a blue light disco.
  • luke
    edited November -1
    #7 wins because it can't be fckued with by Vic Steward's liability clauses - it's a done deal, already made. Therefore, slightly more relevant than the other ash catchers cause the jockey owns the horse.
  • luke
    edited November -1
    Word at the track is that the Vic Steward is trying to get the NSW Tats to put up the prize money for the Venice Stakes 2010 - 18 horses running and 1 jockey on an oval track.
    Maybe Roy and HG might call an alternative race on the day?
  • sod
    edited November -1
    <p>7 -  a box of firestarters. roof is a wnk</p>
  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    #7 looks a bit old school murcutt in plan combos?
    hague'd probably go for it.

    #2 - not a bad point luke - like a carlton terrace house - got to walk past the bedrooms to get in?
    facades are paul rudolph on a good day?/ some ones idea of the australian embassy saigon circa 1967?

    .....still if you flipped the garage around and relaxed the goose stepping fenestration -
    ....thermal bridging issues with slab maybe? but point her north she'll be right hey!

    not much else there.
    lot of ordinary metriconish plans but metricon must do it cheaper right.

    maybe its a bit soon yet?
  • sod
    edited November -1
    <p>#2 - nothing tortured about the entry - 1.5m wide along the face of the house - the plan is all about the corridor. dining and living undersized. nice robe to bed 1. too many basic flaws.</p>
    <p>hinge house is miles ahead of most of the prissy murcutt pavillions in this field of runners.</p>
  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    where does the x cop fit in ?
  • luke
    edited November -1
    Now THIS is what we should send to Venice
    A survey of f*ckups only Australian eurocrats could make
    An excellant follow-up to playing with a dead kangaroo in the tin shed
    Gravitarse could judge, fund and curate (just like Centrelink did)
    Deadset winner - no more bets.
  • hairdresser
    edited July 2009
    dead kangaroo sounds a bit donald pleasence.

    but if u wanted to brow beat venetians with another heart on sleeve professional disaster response.
    judge judy show would be cheaper - beam it in live.
    set up some hairdryers.

    be a change from govt. co-op lawyer using CFA chief officer for 3 months as a shit shield for the accountant. Wonder if he squeals under the curling wand?
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