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Peter Cook(ed)

edited May 2009 in architecture
UQ has developed a new strain of the swine flu
Brought out a well baked and over cooked Peter Cook
His anthem line for the AA cultured germ ring 'fcuk the indigenous'
Oink, oink, oink.


  • luke
    edited May 2009
    Unfortunately missed UQ's ground breaking lecture series of out-of-towners-out-of-work
    Featuring Need a Haircut, Mr Xerox, Centrelink, and Shame Shame Shame
    The school's anthem may be 'fcuk the students'
    Maybe needs a new blonde out front with a decent rack?
  • luke
    edited May 2009
    The eastern seaboard AA germ rack
    Step right up
  • info
    edited November -1
    By AA, I take it you mean the Architecture Association?
    Feeling the force...
  • hairdresser
    edited May 2009
    said what. your fcuken kidding - no?

    ^ that clown rack looks more like the Architecture Association - Carnival of London circa 1985.
    basket full of stuffed dogs in it are 3rd rate tutors ready to be shipped to AU and take over its architecture schools.
  • info
    edited November -1
    I guess the baby boomer AAss ring does have an elderly grip on our arch schools
    What's the answer?
    Death and Americans?
  • hairdresser
    edited November -1
    hey info.

    you been on undercover work or something?

    the answer is their irrelevance.
    take a look at the swanston street academy of spatial intelligence.
    or shame shame shame - the animated puppet that comes to life with a hand up its arse.
  • info
    edited May 2009
    How about an AAss ring paternity test - need to establish the data first?
    @QUT: Professor J.F#####
    @UQ: Professor B.A#######

    HD - been away in UAE for the past 6 months. Liked the Abu Dhabi airport at the start, but after that it was 6 months of sandy chaffing with no lubricant.

    ps Info revised with the ####
  • info
    edited November -1
    @Usyd: Prof C.J#### (a sprinkling of USA trained)
    @UNSW and UTS: Appears AAss ring free (majority USA/Columbia trained)

  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    Fairly obvious.
    Prof. Shakedown - created a design city where there wasn't one.
    Guess he couldn't put Kevin Borland through his PHD program?

    the AAss ring is on the way out down in mexico info.
    crematorium doors and memorial headstones are beckoning.
    principality will be dealing with the legacy issues of a toxic clean up for years to come.

    More interesting question is where does X AA grad Prof. Gravitarse go after the brown paper bag mexican govt. flushes itself down the toilet. SA. at the invite of Prof Boot?

    Getting back to your original point. Is that Cooked [***] line on the record?
    So swinging 60s London ended up pumping out a bunch of bigots at the end of the line.
    puts a whole new twist on walking cities.

    [Moderator edit]
  • silhouette people
    edited November -1
    I was at the Peter Cook talk at UQ and I have no idea what you are talking about. He didn't mention the indigenous at all. I thought his work was definatley different and yeah I didn't really agree with more then 50% of what he said but I enjoyed it. Better then going to some enquiry by design workshop where the design community gets together and decides everything should be a park.
  • hairdresser
    edited May 2009
    be 50% more than me.
    warren chalk had a brain. ron herron ruled with a pen. k(c)ook owned a stapler?

    whats the park thing SP? sounds MOR. par for the course in QLD?

    ^^^^^^^^^--so whats the story on the comic book tycoon's spruke skywalker?
  • luke
    edited November -1
    Cook(ed) said it - 'f*ck the indigenous'
    SP must have tuned out - easy to have done - it was prosaic apart from his imperialism
  • info
    edited May 2009
    Luke - I too was there - and yes, he did say those words
    There was an audible groan from the crowd when he said it
    But Cook wasn't referring directly to Australian indigenes
    He was referring to Euro indigenous/heritage hindering his process in making his project
    Reasonable to draw the bow however ....

    SiP - spruiking? 50% is generous
  • hairdresser
    edited May 2009
    SP - whats got a white silhouette with a pointy head and comes from queensland?
    (besides Krudd).

    what your saying info is that when it comes to bigotry the swinging london kook thinks global and acts local!?
  • info
    edited November -1
    HD - spot on

    Cook must have some close fiends in Bris/Melb, he seems to pop up down under on a regular basis
    Not unlike the Japanese pop candy arch fascination UQ and RMIT can't ween themselves off
  • luke
    edited May 2009
    I wield a shovel - not a light saber.

    Great thing about being sh*t shoveler in the stalls is that I get to see SP bookies bullsh*t all day.
    My interest is in the horse, the jockey and the bullet.
  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    pardon luke - thought you might have been from the bridge of the starship All-a-pose.

    - SP seems to have missed the photo finish due to the roar of the crowd?

    talk of awful lectures reminds me. customer mentioned that he got stiffed at a japanese noir fringe screening at the Festival of Paralysis down in mexico. copped "the worst lecture in living memory" with rotten subtitles and ordinary images. effect = to being buried to the neck in sewerage while drops of water were directed between the eyes.
    told him invitations to topping out parties r the go - import beer and classy strippers.
  • miles
    edited November -1
    <p>cook in with hamhok stadrock bris hq of the macstadium multinat. as for mexican aa you missed aaasoc prof. sandcastle and the dearly departd prof. jandy. more uwaa these days.</p>
  • hairdresser
    edited November -1
    sandcastle be banging in the last of the coffin nails with a 2 pack a day hammer.
  • peter
    edited November -1
    <p>Peter Cook seems to turn up at every archi-hobnob I have attended. On my few trips overseas in the last 5 years, there he always is! He was in LA in 2006 talking at a forum at SciArc, one of the few to be able to string words together well. I remember him sitting at the table next to Wolfgang Prix who's head was on the table while Eric Owen Moss was stumbling through a presentation.</p>
    <p>Then Cook pops up in Venice last year saying the huge ad hoarding covering one side of the Doges Palace was better than what was behind it. <i>"The view clown the crevice from the Ponte della Paglia is ALL Instant City and blue plastic. To my mind, a much more agreeable veneer than that faded stucco: but then I would think that, wouldn't I?"</i></p>
    <p>And there he was again at the WAF in Barcelona, judging the public building category. He wasn't impressed with Woodhead's burnt building at the Pinnacles, and let it be known. When the Woodhead guy glumly left the lectern and Caroline Bos from UN Studio replaced him, Cook uttered a sigh of relief, before saying that now he had someone he could talk to.</p>
    <p>Architect behaving badly. But also architect being in the right place at the right time. From his congratulatory 2006 review of van Schaik's Design City Melbourne. <i>"For years I have been approached by recent graduates who ask you where they should work, where they should move, what is the most important recipe for success? I am forced towards a far-from-populist response: namely that it matters most who you hang out with.".</i></p>
    <p>Update on Cook's career post academia: <a href=""></a></p>
    <p> </p>
  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    cook(ed) = sterlings boy/leon crybaby of the noughties?
    not bad boy - just old x-dresser with smeared lipstick at a dinner party.

    many moons ago ex middle weight boxer ando threatened to break both crybaby's hands.
    wonder if woodhead man felt like swinging one on at the uncle monty of construction?
  • sod
    edited November -1
    <p>i've seen him perform a few times and don't mind the conference banter.</p>
    <p>the sci fi set design rubbish that he spins as architecture tells another story. waster.</p>
  • luke
    edited November -1
    Everyone loves a jockey in a colourful strip
    Shame about the 3 legged horse
  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    Venice ud be a good place to have a spring carnival.
    doge's palace looks like it would be a top grandstand.
    joint needs some events.

    kook(ed)'s got a point. needs alchopops bill boards up and a big screen to get the facilities in shape.
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