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What are current student Wages- Please Help!

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Student Architect Wages for Part Time Work

I am a Fifth Yr Archi student and recently got a job part time for an established archi firm.
I have no idea how much they should be paying me.
Grad award wages are around $37,000, but i'm sixth months off graduating and i'm only working part time. I have lots of interior experience but no professional archi experience so far.

Can someone please tell me what i should roughly be getting so i don't get riped off or taken advantage of!

Thanks So much. :roll:


  • peter_j
    edited January 2007
    Have a look at these:

    WAGENET (link updated Jan 07)


    and here is a post I've dredged up from last year:

    10.06.05 Salary survey - Here's a link to a PDF file of the Hays 2005 salary survey of the construction sector. Graduate architects are doing best in Brisbane ($40K - $45K) and worst in NZ ($26K - $33K). More experienced architects are earning $60K to $100K in Brisbane but only $45K to $60K in New Zealand, no higher than a 'drafter' there. Interesting that drafters in NZ get paid more than those in Brisbane. If you want big dollars then become a construction manager in Sydney, where your salary range will be $150K to $220K, or get into facilities management anywhere for up to $250K.

    I've just noticed that this has been updated for 2006:
  • lulu
    edited January 1970
    Thanks Peter!
    That was really helpful and optimistic.

    It gets a little depressing when everyone tells you how little you will earn as a graduate after a 5 yr degree.

    Those figures were sensational. It would be so wonderful to be able to do what you love and be able to live comfortably as well.

    Just another question.... What does this translate into an hourly rate for a student?

  • FBE Rocks
    edited January 1970
    37k? since when? thats awsome
  • MrT
    edited January 1970
    I'm fifth year but not in your position (been with the firm since first year). Technically part time though they get four full days+ out of me a week. $18/hour works out to approx 27k. Raises every year. Perhaps less than I could expect reading the award, but it's open to interpretation.

    Important thing is that it's keeping me comfortable for now. Certainly be reconsidering after graduation :)
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