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I must apologise to the many people who have emailed me in the last few weeks with photos and stories for me to post online, but I am getting way behind. I'd really appreciate it if you could post directly into the forum. If you don't know how to display a photo you can send it to me and I can attach it to your post.

If you are not registered for the forum, it is a simple process. Due to the avalanche of spam registrations, I have to manually check each one, which takes hours, so send me an email when you register telling me your username and I can bump you to the front of the queue.

New Site
Unfortunately the voluntary time required to keep spam out of the website directly affects the time I have to improve content on the site. At the same time I am building from scratch the new version of the site, as the current one relies on rickety 7 year old coding that is becoming obsolete and is inefficient to run.

I guess what I'm saying is that anyone interesting in contributing some time to the upkeep of the site/forum would be very welcome! If there is sufficient interest we can set up a meeting or two. In order of technical expertise, here are some areas where assistance is required:

1 - starting new forum threads
2 - sponsorship seeking
3 - forum registrations and moderation
4 - maintenance and content-culling of static links pages (plain html)
5 - transfer existing site content into spreadsheet csv files
6 - new site structural design and feature design
7 - Drupal content management system design and basic implementation (about 20% done now)
8 - phptemplate style sheets for new site

peter AT butterpaper DOT com

[this post will be shifted to the site issues forum soon]
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