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Interesting Graduate Jobs

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Do interesting graduate jobs exist?

i have been working for the last 3 years in a tiny practice that is very hands-on and experience-heavy. I have been very lucky with the range of tasks i have been involved with. However, the time has come for me to expand and grow and so I'm on the look-out for a new job, one that will allow me to make use of my experience and talents.

The thing is, I have just come back from an interview with quite a large, progressive firm and have been told that 1) my experience is worth nothing and would be disregarded and 2) i can expect to be drawings toilets for the next 2 years. I see this as a pointless exercise as it will mean i can't utilise any of the skills i have picked up working for a decent little firm. Has anyone had any luck getting a good graduate job, know of any firms that do have good graduate jobs, or are looking to give a good 3rd year graduate a good job?


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    Whoever interviewed you needs their head read. Perhaps this middle manager can't fathom what it is like to work in a small office where you do everything. I think it is good to spend time in offices of all sizes during your 20s, so keep looking at the large practices too. It can be the biggest thrill working on a monster project as part of a dedicated team.

    Drawing toilets for two years? Only if you're really unlucky. There was a guy drawing toilets full time at a large office I worked in, but he seemed quite happy about it. You do have to watch being pigeon-holed in a big place - if you are then you can always request a transfer to another project or you can leave.

    Maybe let people know which town you're from and you might get an offer or two.
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    Thanks Peter.

    I'm currently in Perth but looking to move to Melbourne hopefully july/august and definitely by the end of the year. Any further advice or offers would be appreciated for sure.
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    Here is Perth also, my experience has been that the bigger/more elite the practice, the less they are interested in your progress. The design work goes to the topcats who are partners or associates, and everyone else finds themselves in documentation. It can be hard to even get a handle on the overall concept if there are 10 documentors on one job and you are stuck with one small portion of it. So you end up with boring work while listening to utter arrogance. It is not what you trained all those years in uni for. This company you applied to sounds like one of these. To tell you after three years experience that you will be doing toilets is a crock of shit if you will excuse the pun, and not worth your time talking to them. They don't deserve good people.

    You have been lucky to work for a small hands on company - that is where the real work is. Maybe you shouldn't move, but try to take more on in that company instead, like site administration. A few years ago I found such a job where one can follow through from the initial design to handover, we are our own clients with a reputation for innovation so I won't be moving!

    We need more architects by the way - if you are still looking here in Perth - just contact the Company that won both the Telstra Business Award WA 2006 and the Environmental Award W.A. 2006 and ask for me! :)
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    But, maybe go off and do a masters at RMIT or overseas? Which might open other opportunities for you. Thats what i plan to do after a couple years drawing toilets anyway.

    Then theres working in Asia. If you get a job there, you will definately NOT be drawings toilets. Heck, i was doing design even though i was an intern. The amount of work is amazing.
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