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Longetivity of non slip treatments

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Dear Architects,

One of the issue you might be facing with a floor surface that you specify is, how long the slip resistive quality of the surface will last. While the floor surface initially has a very high R rating (ramp test) or classified highly (Pendulum test) this initial result can be misleading as the surface can wear off very quickly. The accelerated aging wear test can provide at least some indicative result how well the product will stand up in the real world.

The SAFE GRIP anti slip strips and non skid coating solution, has Aced an accelerated wear test with flying colours.

Independent testing has produced outstanding results. The indicative product wear test after 5000 cycles has Safe Grip still showing outstanding slip resistance. Other – initially more slip resistant surfaces are showing poor results after the same test.
The Safe Grip product has only shown a 22.5 percent reduction of slip resistive quality, while the other highly slip resistive surfaces have shown an average of 55.5 percent reduction of slip resistance over the 5000 cycle period. While it is hard to precisely equate the value of the number of cycles to an amount of time, a rough estimate equates to 1000 cycle’s is equal to 1 year.

For further information about Safe Grip please visit our website

If you'd like to receive the test result or see the comparison chart, or know more about the test method, please contact me either by email or over the phone.

Best regards,

Tibor Bode


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    Dear Architects,

    The link will allow you to access to newly published articles which both have some significance to architects.

    The first article which has been presented this week in the US by Carl Strautins from Slip Check Pty Ltd, which talks about a new test method that is used to assess sustainability of anti slip treatments. Carl is a material scietist who has worked for the CSIRO for several years and has ran several courses for architects and designers regarding to slip resistance related information.

    This test method is in early stages and while will be recognised by the upcoming Australian Slip Resistance standards, has aleardy shown some very useful results.

    For example several of the anti slip tiles has shown that their slip resistive qualities been quite dramatically reduced during the first couple of weeks or months of their life expectancy.

    The second article from Richard Bowman is also a very well written one which talks about slip fall related issues, test methods and other matters.

    Please note these articles will be available on the website from the 27th of August early afternoon.

    I hope you will find the articles useful and for further information you can contact Carl Strautins directly on 0416 224 460 or via email on

    Best regards,
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