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University grades

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Does anyone agree that the allocating of percentage grades in Design subjects is absurd?
Does anyone know of any other methods? i have heard that in the US many universities
use a simple pass or fail system. Therefore, the focus becomes more about a successful architectural result than a grading result.


  • dav_
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    I'm going to beat Phil to the punch with this one!

    Don't be ridiculous!

    If someone does something fantastic and gets a pass and someone does something adequate and gets a pass, where is the good in that? And where is the urge to push yourself to do better?

    As i understand it, a lot of Australian education is going this way, certainly in TAFE and the public schools, which is just setting us up for a country of mediocre-ness. Talent gets pulled down to a standardised level and no-talents get treated as well as the people who try.

    If you can't design a project as good as someone else then you should be told who much weaker it was, so you can strive to do better. By all means you need to know WHY it wasn't as good, but you have to know where you stand. If the student doesn't care where they stand, then perhaps that is a reflection on the student. Add to that the fact that I'M more talented than the other guy, I put in more effort, I designed a better building and I wanna know how MUCH better it was, and pass/fail seems like a pretty bad idea.

    Not absurd at all. Now, wheres my HD?!
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    Thanks for your reply, I just thought Id throw that one out and see what people thought.

    Ok a pass or fail system would mean it would be a lot tougher to pass than it is now as far too many medioocre students are getting through. The difference between a pass and a fail should be significant, passing work would be of a far higher standard than it is now.

    In actual fact the current system breeds mediocrity because students can hand in complete crap and pass. If a student gets a 55 for example they ve obiously missed the point somewhere. If you get that kind of mark you should be repeating. The no-talents should nt be passing to begin with.

    In terms of understanding whether your project is successful or not that comes in the feedback from your tutors( and peers ). Its always pretty clear which projects are the best architecturally. I think students compare their presentations, drawings and models, not their percentage grades.

    Any takers.
  • Phil
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    Did someone mention my name?
  • FBE Rocks
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    It makes sense in a way. But i think i'm not the only one who's had a disagreeable tutor and got a pass for it. If that means i had to repeat design then i might have considered jumping ship since repeating design is a big big hindrance.

    Pass/fail system has no advantage over the system we have now.

    Plus. can you please tell me which instituitions you are refering to? Last time i checked most US grad schools asked for academic transcript. If all it had on it was pass pass then why would they bother?

    Lets face it, only small percentage of student never get anything below 70.
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