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Perth's Cassette Rack

edited December 2006 in architecture
Once again Perth is going to be lumped with another huge, ugly, pointless building thanks to the 'revamped, revised new & improved' cassette rack building.

Of the three big recent developments to get publicity, it is by far the...well, not the ugliest, because we have a cocroach on the foreshore, but definitely the most pointless design. Even our new indoor stadium, with its riiiiidiculous design process (seriously, its ok to have fun with it, but don't try and pass off matching random pieces of some random puzzles with random icons of the state - 'a mining truck, you say...brilliant' - as some form of coherent and clever design system).

So the marvelous Perth 'no hot-dog vendors in the city' City Council has approved a dull building because chaging a couple of balconies results in it having 'a greater level of architectural expression' (, thereby stipulating what they see as some sort of bench-mark for architecture in Perth and allowing another rubbish building into our city.

At least our newly-tabloidy daily newspaper has given it some stick, but I'm pretty sure all that lands us with is a nicname for the wretched thing.

Ah well, i guess it gives us more scope to design buildings resembling appliances and such-like. I've have been waiting for an excuse to transpose Gehry's Chiat/Day building to Perth.
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