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Architecture out of the city

edited December 2006 in architecture
Does anyone have any experience or tales of practicing architecture outside the city?

I've lived and worked in Sydney all my life, and I am starting to get a bit sick of the Leviathan - the pollution, the transport (or lack of it), the hours, the prices of living. Yep, the whole mid-life crisis at 35 is coming on.

I've worked in all sorts of firms, gained a lot of expereince, but never tried to run my own - it looks too damn scary with the amount of PI / legalese one must know, though I do manage to keep my rego up to date.

I've recently been looking for jobs in the Western Sydney or Blue Mountains area - mainly for romantic reasons! :D I'd happily move to the BM right now, but the commute is a killer to Darlinghurst! (And have you actually worked in Darlo? - It's a freakin' dump!).

Amazingly the pay here is rather good, which leaves me in a bit of a quandry....

I guess what I am asking is whether there are architectural practices that exist west of Parramatta or Penrith - or are all architects out west sole practitioners (who probably won't welcome competition)? And does anyone want an 11-years experience registered architect?


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    Would you consider moving even further west to Adelaide?
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