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Document Control Software for Architects

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Hi all,

I've been trying to locate a software program which can help to track drawings, documentation and the like in an architectural practice. In short, a document control platform. I know of Q-track which I hear is not particularly good, Aconex and ArchiAdmin. I want to have documents located within the office server, thus ruling out Aconex.
Does anybody have experience with such software, or know of others?



  • pd_smith
    edited January 1970
    I have been doing the same search.... there is not much out there that is up to current standards for architects.... ArchiOffice is probably the best out there - but is very $$$ for a small practice...

    Other industries seem to have it working well - in particular the sales / marketing or legal.

    There are a few others

    Architects Office
    Archi Admin
    Silent Partner

    But none really cut the mustard for me.... sooo

    I am starting to build my own.... essentially I don't need all the bells and whistles of the expensive ones - but the cheap ones are really clunky.

    We are using Microsoft Sharepoint Services (that comes standard with MS SBS Server), and doing some minor customisation with the office suite so that all letters / memos/ emails and drawings - essentially all external correspondance and notes can be tracked.
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