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Chancellor and Patrick cnr Franklin and Elizabeth Street

The person who decided to bang that crap on top of an icon piece of Melbourne architecture should be ashamed of themselves. Such a cheap and nasty addition, they might as well have just banged some crappy old school portables on the roof. They might have looked better than what we have been given. Horrifying since C & P originally designed the building to have additional floors, so the work had already been done for these developers/architects!!!


  • peter_j
    edited January 1970
    Any pics? That building was a favourite of mine if it's the one I think it is.

    There's a monopitch mid-century 7-11 down the street on the corner of Franklin that I keep meaning to photograph too.
  • erectus nobilis
    edited January 1970
    I actually got the address wrong, it is opposite the 7-11 on Franklin not A'Beckett. Thanks to the State Library here is an image of the building before they buggered it up. I will go and take an image of the finished project.
  • mark_melb
    edited January 1970
    ................ah, progress. Or is it prostitution?
  • Xofro
    edited January 1970
    This disfigurement has been sadly on the boil for a long time now. It was bad enough when the cheapo car rental firm painted it green :(

    When the (?)ANZ moved out, apparently all the original office furniture was upstairs - a friend managed to get a magnificent desk, I think from the manager's office - all purpose designed and high quality custom built.

    Be quick to look at what was the old Commonwealth Bank opposite it, unfortuately with the original sandstone panelling painted a hideous grey. It can't be long before that one goes too - the land must be too valuable for low-rise occupation. Ironically it reminds me in reverse of that other Elizabeth St loss, the remarkable Australian Buildings 'skyscraper' (corner Flinders Lane), in 1889 the tallest building in the world at 13 storeys; demolished in 1980 the site's now occupied by an undistinguished four-storey commercial building.
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