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mark r
edited January 2003 in architecture
First up I'd like to congratulate you butter people on getting this thing up and running. It's a beautiful thing.

I want to invite people to submit articles to SUBAUD. Subaud is an independant magazine that looks to publish work that otherwise slips past the larger glossies. We've managed to get three issues out in the past year and hope to continue prviding an open forum for discourse.


  • bob
    edited January 1970
    the new subaud looks great mark
    when i get time to read it i'll let you know about the content!

    great to see younger architects/students doing something like that.
  • mark r
    edited January 1970
    Thanks Bob.
    The look is provided by the beautiful people at Urchin Associates who've been really great to us in taking our vague ideas about the design of Subaud and finding something special amongst the rubble.
    I'd love to hear what people have thought about the mag. We're always interested in feedback. Feel free to write to the editors at
  • christian
    edited January 1970
    I just saw the issue 2 on your web page, it looks like a really well put together publication, where abouts do I get hold of a copy if im in sydney,,
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