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Moscow demolishes

Preservationists accuse Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov of pulling down 400 historic buildings in the last fourteen years. Soviet and constructivist structures have been left to rot until there is little choice but to pull them down.

Recently demolished:
* Hotel Moskva, on the labels of Stolichnaya vodka
* Voyentorg, Art Deco department store. The council said, "It's outdated architecture, it isn't a rational use [of space]."

Under threat:
* MELNIKOV House, on the World Monuments Watch list. Melnikov's son, who occupied the house, died this month putting the building at greater risk.
* Narkomfin complex, designed by Moisei Ginzburg.

BLOOMBERG 27.02.06 (beware page contains spyware)

MAPS - Moscow Architecture Preservaion Society


  • Sean
    edited January 1970
    thanks peter,

    this is a real shame. Moscow intrigues me, although I have never been there. heritage buildings of this scale (although possibly not iconic) would still seem to be a real loss in any other city.
  • N
    edited January 1970
    Don't know if this is related but Mr. Luzhkov is one of the most powerful men in Russia. Although the right honourable John So is popular here, Luzhkov is powerful in that even Putin considers him a force to be dealt with. He is like the King of Moscow, and does have more power than most mayors dot.

    I suppose his motivations for allowing the demolition of these buildings could just be that he wishes Moscow to be littered with his own buildings to "immortalize" his rule over the city. In the 1920s and 30s Russia/USSR was in a time of social and political upheaval, perhaps those buildings represent some kind of negative aspect of that era?

    Just taking a guess. :oops: I just don't believe that those buildings have been torn down just because they've been left to neglect.
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