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Floor anti slip treatment

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Dear Architect,

My name is Tibor Bode. I am the Managing Director of Global Safe Technologies Australia, which is a company specialised in floor anti-slip treatments.

Our products and services can assist you and your clients to reduce Public Liability and Workers Compensation related slip fall accidents exposure and potential litigation while allowing you to provide the best possible service to your clients.

We offer various products for anti slip treatment of surfaces and also have an industry unique Floor Care Program which allows us to offer a lifetime warranty to our clients.

Our flagship products are;


A chemical solution designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels in most hard mineral surfaces, such as; ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, porcelain, and as well, steel enamel bathtubs.


THE SAFE SOLUTION® treatment system is non-toxic and combined with the Neutralizer Solution, it becomes biodegradable.


When water or grease puddle on non-porous hard mineral surfaces, you are actually hydroplaning on the film of water or contaminants.

After THE SAFE SOLUTION® treatment system is applied, microscopic channels are created for the water and oils to be disbursed from under foot, allowing you to make contact with the surface at all times. To the naked eye and touch, the surface is virtually unchanged when dry.


FLOOR TUFF® is a single pack, polyurethane anti-slip protective coating. It cures to form a tough, abrasion resistant, flexible coating in an attractive textured finish.

FLOOR TUFF® has excellent durability as it is heat, water, salt-water, impact and chemical resistant (dilute acids and alkalies).

FLOOR TUFF® has been designed to provide a slip resistant floor and protective coating for floor and vehicular traffic.

· Single pack – no mixing required
· Brush, roller or spray applied
· Quick curing – generally overnight
· Tough, durable and flexible
· Impact and vibration resistant
· Odourless when cured
· Suitable in food preparation areas
· Suitable to light to heavy traffic
· Easily over-coated and repaired
· Chemical ‘splash’ resistant
· Attractive, in a range of colours
· Flexible, won’t crack or flake

FLOOR TUFF® is suitable as an anti-slip protective coating for:
Domestic & Recreational
· Decks, balconies, patios
· Garages
· Steps
· Entertaining areas
· Pool surrounds
Schools, Parks and Public Areas
· Playgrounds
· Demountable Classrooms
· Walkways
· Toilets
· Kitchens
· Floor areas
· Cool Rooms
Building & Construction
· Anti-slip flooring
· Trafficable protective coating
· Steps, stairs and walkways
· Decks, balconies, patios
· Equipment platforms
· Scaffolding planks
· Metal corrosion protection
· Driveways and bridges
· Pools surrounds
· Car park decks Industrial Areas
· Safety work areas
· Factory and warehouse floors
· Work platforms and scaffolding
· Boat decks and trailers
· General protective coating
· Decks and ramps
· Marinas
· Pontoons
Agriculture and Farming
· Agricultural equipment
· Cherry picker platforms
· Animal races and pants
Automotive and Rail
· Load areas of utes, trucks,
· Vans and trailers
· Caravans and buses
· Pedestrian crossing, bridges
· Platforms
· Stone damage protection

Both products are extensively tested by the CSIRO and other recognised laboratories and have excellent ratings. These reports can be provided upon request. We have several clients (including architects) in Australia, Canada, US and some other countries.

Global Safe Technologies now offering services Australia wide using a certified and fully trained applicator force and also starting up operations in New Zealand.

For further information please visit our web site or contact me
on any of the numbers below.

Thanks for your time and we are looking forward assisting you and your clients with floor safety issues.

Best regards,

Tibor Bode


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    Global Safe Technologies Australia would like to announce that it has included the SlipAlert for all its Authorised Dealers as an indicative slip resistance testing device. Global Safe Technologies Inc. also announced

    “The *SlipAlert people and Global Safe are in the final agreement stages to make Global Safe the exclusive distributor of SlipAlert for Canada. Once finalized, SlipAlert will be added to our product line up for worldwide distribution to our Global Safe distribution team”

    So, what is the importance for architects and their clients of this device?

    Basically, this device allows your clients to perfomr regular slip resistance testing with a confidence, without incurring the cost of having a accredited tester doing "in situ" test. While the device is not the officcially recognised as the wet Pendulum tester, it provides a close indicative value of the floor's slip resistance in a manner that was tested by respected international government authorities. The device is already used by several lasrge Australian and other international organisations.

    This is why Global Safe Technologies has decided to issue all of its Authorised Dealers with the device, to provide reliable indicative test value to its clients as part of the Safety Inspection report and ongoing Floor Safety Maintenance Program. Latter is offered at no additional cost to the client, when the floor was anti slip treated by an Authorised Dealer, otherwise offered at a small charge..

    Reviews of the SlipAlert by Government Agencies


    The CSIRO has tested 30 surfaces with SlipAlert. From "Slip resistance, Maintenance and Social Responsibility," published in Tile Today by Richard Bowman has the following comments;

    “The SlipAlert website ( ) provides comparative test results for ten surfaces that suggest that the results are in reasonable agreement with those of the Pendulum. CSIRO has found similar agreement when assessing the comparative wet slip resistance performance on some ten hard and twenty resilient surfaces, covering a wide range of surface textures.”

    “Given that the SlipAlert is so quick and simple to use, it is anticipated that it will rapidly become the accepted tool for property managers to monitor cleaning performance between independent slip resistance audits, which might be carried out less frequently. Once a SlipAlert device is kept on site, there is the additional advantage of having it on hand should an accident occur, since measurements can be made immediately”.

    United Kingdom

    The British government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the agency responsible for enforcement of health and safety regulations in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to protect people's health and safeties by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.

    The HSE review of SlipAlert appears in Contemporary Ergonomics 2005, published for the Ergonomics Society by Taylor and Francis. The paper is, “Roller Coaster Slip Tests Putting Slip Testing Back on the Rails!” by Hallas, Shaw, Lemon & Thorpe. They tested SlipAlert on 22 types of flooring, including terrazzo, VCT, parquet, linoleum, ceramic and quarry tile, wood, concrete, natural stone, and mosaic.

    “In terms of operation the Slip Alert is very simple and user friendly”.

    “The Slip Alert appears to be able to generate a wider range of results and for this reason produces results that better reflect the Pendulum SRV numbers. When there is a difference between the CoF values generated and the Pendulum SRV numbers the test generally errs on the side of caution by underestimating the level of slip resistance. It is therefore unlikely that an unsafe floor would be erroneously classified as safe by Slip Alert”.

    In Australia, the SlipAlert exclusively distributed by Peter Vournechis of Australasian Slip testing. Peter can be contacted on

    Ph: (07) 3823 2086
    Fax: (07) 3823 4519

    For further information or international enquiries regarding to the SlipAlert contact us directly at Global Safe Technologies on the numbers below.

    Best regards,

    Tibor Bode
  • globalsafe
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    Dear Architects,

    Thanks for your past support and reading my postings.

    We have just launched a new non slip product on the market called the Safe Grip. This product has lots features and very well suited as an anti slip strip or non skid coating for stairs, ramps, pedestrian crossings, electricity stations, building entrances, loading docks, boats, etc. The product is applied using a soon to be patented Cold Vulcanisation technology.

    For detailed information and pictures please visit or select
    Anti Slip Strips and Non Skid Treatment

    on the left hand side on the website

    Should you have any specific question regarding to this or any other products or would like further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks fo ryour time and aloow me to wish to everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Best regards,

    Tibor Bode
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