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Planning delays cost money

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Found myself reading a 21 year old copy of NZ Architect at breakfast this morning and choked on my muesli when I read an article reprinted from the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Up to 80 days to get plans approved

Home unit prices are being increased between $4000 and $7000 by council delays...
The average delay for a building application was 54 days and 80 days for a development application [planning permit]... "

The then president of the NSW RAIA, Martin Chapman, said, " councils had "gone mad" with conflicting policy decisions and "design censorship" which stifled change..... In many DAs you have to specify the species and location of trees and shrubs."

That lengthy 80 day processing time for a planning permit added $4000 to the cost of a $40,000 new house in four Sydney suburbs [1983 dollars]. The extra costs are attributed to fees, extra interest, and escalation.

Imagine then what our current 4 to 9 months processing times (inner Melbourne) are doing to costs, if it jumps 10% for a 3 month delay.

At least the building permit end of things seems to have been sorted out with the emergence of private building surveyors.



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    "Imagine then what our current 4 to 9 months processing times (inner Melbourne) are doing to costs"

    >I don't have to imagine - I see it eating into my own profits as an architect having to deal with all the extra BS the councils need to get my app through. Phonecall after email sorting out irrelevances with green-eared planning grads. I don't even pretend to be polite anymore.

    My ire went up a bit more recently when I noticed one council has asked, on its checklist, for a "copyright release". It was no more specific than that. Yeah sure.
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