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Group houses under threat

Received in the email [tip: DP]

There are two important and original houses designed by the Group
on the market for sale that are very likely to be demolished.

They are:
Bill Wilson house 5A Castle Drive Epsom, Auckland (1964)
Ivan Juriss house 385 Riddell Rd Glendowie (1961 - 62)

Please let the following know of your interest in these houses
being registered URGENTLY with Auckland City as having Heritage and
Historic value:

Let Auckland City know by contacting:
George Farrant phone 307 7498 and fax 307 7496
and emails:
george.farrant AT;
sarah.pocklington AT; ian.grant AT

Contact the mayor
Dick Hubbard
Business Fax: 307 7579
Email: mayor AT

and councillors on link: members/representatives/

To: Auckland City

Please register the following houses URGENTLY for their
Historic and Heritage Values:

Bill Wilson house 5A Castle Drive Epsom (1964)
Ivan Juriss house 385 Riddell Rd Glendowie (1961 - 62)

Both houses are at immediate risk of demolition.



Email copy/info/support to gregory.heap AT (NZIA Auckland
Branch committee) for follow up purposes.


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