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technical change log - not interesting!

edited December 2003 in issues
This one won't be of much interest to many - it really just follows the convention of documenting major and minor coding changes to the site.

12/1999 build link collection and learn html
4/2000 opens
?/2000 forum installed
?/2000 forum removed
3/2002 content transferred to freshly designed on the ilisys servers in Perth
3/2002 content accessible also from and
?/2002 picosearch search boxes introduced
?/2002 cascading style sheets introduced
?/2002 amazon books association begins
9/2002 phpBB v2.04 forum installed
1/2003 forum opened
?/2003 phpBB fetch all and 'topics anywhere' introduced - allowing forum content to be displayed all over the site.
?/2003 cutenews introduced - flat file blog database with comment capability.
8/2003 phpBB forum upgraded to v2.06
12/2003 forum hacked to allow access back to main site via top log
12/2003 templates on older pages updated to correct internal link error
12/2003 voluminous nested tags extracted from pages circa 2000 to decrease page sizes
12/2003 menus altered to decrease page sizes (use CSS)
02/2004 trade library removed from public viewing to lower bandwidth, and due to lack of positive feedback
03/2004 trade library made available on request to architects and designers who actually miss it.
05/2004 Your Work section of forum deleted - lack of interest.
05/2004 Architects For Peace forum category added.
06/2004 AFP forum begins
07/2004 Restrict posts to some forum to registered members, mainly due to spam posts.
12/04 Security update for forum software to PHPBB V2.11
12/04 AFP forums enlarged.
02/05 AFP logo introduced to forums, with link.
03/05 Update forum software to latest
03/05 Update blog software to latest
03/05 AFP forums opened to public postings.
03/05 New Heritage category in forums, run by P.Barrett
04/05 Fix problems with forum avatars and registrations.
04/05 Start FAQs for forums.
04/05 New blogger! KMCF

2007 Forum migrated to Vanilla open source forum software.
12/07 Site rebuild commences.
2008 New website opens using Textpattern CMS.

2009 Architects for Peace forums closed.
2010 Website selected for inclusion in the NLA's Pandora Archive.

to be continued...
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