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Opera House renovation on pause.

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I had hoped this was an April Fools by the SMH, but I don't think so. News that Sydney's Opera House is fully let until 2008 implies that Utzon's internal renovations are off for the foreseeable. After all the song and dance about bringing Utzon back to do the interiors, no one wants to pay for it. If this is true, I hope they've paid his bills and apologised for wasting his time.

SMH: APRIL 1, 2005. "Utzon, utzoff: Opera House facelift sags"


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    Well I thought it was on pause (ie stopped dead)?
    "No, I will not see it now," [Utzon] says, "which makes me sad. Every day I wake up and think of the Opera House. It gives me such pleasure that the building means so much to the people of Sydney and Australia - that makes me very happy."

    What makes him even happier is that, for the past decade, Utzon has been involved (by phone and fax) in a six-part, A$70m venue improvement programme for the Opera House. He sent his eldest son, Jan, to oversee the long-awaited changes to his masterpiece, changes that put right some of the compromises made when the Australian government halted funding for the project in 1966. At last, Utzon's original ideas for the interior will be realised..,12070,1588528,00.html

    Well maybe not just yet... If anyone has the real story on this on again off again refurbishment please spill.
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    Any change to the inside looks a long way off according to the Beeb. By which time the interior will be considered historic and untouchable. Kev wants to spend the money on hospitals instead, echoing the theme of the 60s NSW election campaign that spelt the end for Utzon. The BBC asks why there isn't money for both. Maybe because he's spend it all on schools?
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    hairdresser is slightly relieved.
    not that its great the way it is - but thats what it is.
    australia needs reminding that its governed by crude bully boy a holes?

    it was mostly built with a lottery. get the money that way again?
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