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that war

When the war was on, the Iraq war 2, I built a complete separate website consisting of 64 pages of information and links exposing, using well known sources including US government websites, what a crock we were being served by our leaders.

There have been no surprises in the last few weeks as the local media slowly wakes up to it (unless you read the Hun).

I never put the website up as I wasn't happy with its structure, but I will be drip feeding parts of it into a new box on the front page of the site, as I am starting to worry that they will get away with it.


  • Sean
    edited January 1970
    What is worse is that Australia is considering doing a deal with the US to become a nuclear power .... using the Sydney research centre as a development centre and taking on board some unused but strategic missiles from the US.

    They will be using the North Korean crisis as an excuse to enter the fray and put our country at threat just to suck up to George Bush and his warmongers.

    I think the last thing we need is another nuclear arms race ... the last one scared the bejesus out of me.

    Funny though, I never thought of Butterpaper as an overly political statement ... :wink:
  • Anonymous
    edited January 1970
    When a state fears its citizens you can tell that they are up to something VERY wrong. The gun control in OZ is the most visible sign. EVERYONE knows that gon control won't reduce the number of violent gun-related crimes - they obtain weapons whether they are legal or illegal. What kind of sick and stupid people are we becoming to be? Taking the politicians words seriously and making the country into a police state?

    Every able-bodied man keeps fully automatic assault rifles and thousands of round of ammo at home and there's only a couple of annual shooting incidents that involve state-issued rifles. The country recently celebrated its 700 years of independence. Yes that's Switzerland. Why can't we be as good??

    Hmm nothing architectural discussed here... :(
  • peter_j
    edited January 1970
    Don't you just love the way that politicians can reshape history to the press and get printed without question. Today's best was this from Oz Deputy PM John Anderson, about what was known in early 2003:

    "Nobody disputed what was regarded as the overwhelming evidence about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction."

    Umm Mr Anderson, quite a few of us disputed this. You should get out more, or read Scott Ritters book that pretty much spelt out the real situation in late 2002.
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