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No question about this. The ARBV has been a zombie since 1998. Mr Guy is now just going to finish it off.

Check out these links to the Productivity Commission

The former link is to the Productivity Review of Legislation Regulating the Architectural Profession.

The latter to the transcripts of the 22 June 2000 Melbourne hearing. Have a look at what the RAIA said via Michael Peck, Ian McDougall and Ed Haysom on pp613-663. I like my own contribution on pp675-686 of the transcrip more.


  • brunotautinstitute
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    There’s an enormous tension between the ostensible health of architecture and
    the actual erosion of its importance. On the one hand, there is this triumphant
    atmosphere, an incredible amount of publications, incredible amount of
    programs, incredible amount of attention and celebrity, but on the other hand,
    an enormous dearth of things of real quality. We may live at the moment. That
    contradiction is becoming too blatant to cover with this aura of triumph.
    I sense that the moment is near when it will collapse under its own weight and
    that will be in itself a very healthy moment because it will allow people to be
    anonymous again, to do their own research, to not have this kind of perpetual
    nervousness." p182 Koolhaas, Rem. S,M,L,XL. New edition published throughout the world(except the North American continent)in 1997 by Beneddikt Taschen Verlag GmbH Hohenzollering 53 , D-50672 Koln Germany

    It seems to me that Rem K was on the money here. Architects don't become architects by obtaining registration or tertiary qualifications. They become architects by producing architecture.
    David White
  • brunotautinstitute
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    The demolition beam is being manoeuvred into position.

    Here is an excerpt from the second reading speech of the Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Bill 2013 in relation to amendment of the Architects Act:

    "Amendments to the Architects Act 1991

    The government has already announced its intention for the Victorian Building Authority to be the single integrated regulator for builders, plumbers and architects. Further reforms to be brought to this Parliament will complete the government's proposal for implementing this reform.

    This bill starts the process of integration by aligning the functions of the Architects Registration Board of Victoria with the Victorian Building Authority.

    It introduces a level of accountability to the minister that has until now been absent. The Architects Registration Board of Victoria will be required to advise the Minister for Planning on the carrying out of its functions under the Architects Act 1991 and any other matter that the minister requests.

    The bill also puts in place simplified regulation-making powers, in line with those in the Building Act and in other legislation. Regulations will now be made by the Governor in Council rather than the Architects Registration Board. This should also assist in streamlining the administrative processes for the making of amendment regulations as the entire board will no longer be required to approve regulations. It also provides government with greater oversight of any proposed amendments. " pp 40,41 Daily Hansard 8 May 2013

    In short, as proposed, amendments to the Architects Regulations can now be made by the Minister for Planning without a requirement for Board approval.

    Wonder what Mr Guy has in mind for us?

    Debate of the matter has been deferred until the 22nd May. If you have any concerns why not get onto your local MP.

    .............and remember, hold on to your towel.
  • peter_j
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    Any idea who the "Governor in Council" is? I assume that's Matthew Guy too. Looks like the ARBV is becoming a sort of referral mechanism back to the minister. Scary.
  • brunotautinstitute
    edited May 2013
    Here's how it works:

    Interestingly the Governor in Council's responsibilities do include "-deciding planning appeals called in by the Minister". So the answer to Peter's question appears to be yes.

    The ARBV's days as a quango, with all the implied benefits to the profession, if you are so inclined, are numbered. The ARBV will become a statutory body responsible to the government of the day for the administration and enforcement of consumer protection law in relation to architects.

    Expect compulsory professional development, the Vogon poetry of our age.

    (See p53. Adams, Douglas. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Pan Books, London and Sydney, 10th printing 1982 for an explanation of Vogon poetry.)

    If you require visual material there is an excellent YouTube clip titled "Vogon Poetry" which won't embed. In my view the original text is funnier though.
  • brunotautinstitute
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    Continuation of the debate on the Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Bill 2013 including amendment of the Architects Act is Item No:2 on the Agenda for the Legislative Assembly sitting which commences at 2:00pm on Tuesday 28 May.

    See the schedule:
    Government business starts around 3.25pm.

    The live broadcast will be available through this link:
  • brunotautinstitute
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    Debate resumed on the Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Bill 2013 including amendment of the Architects Act at about 5:15pm this afternoon.

    The Member for Richmond, the Hon Richard Wynne delivered the Opposition reply to the second reading speech. Mr Wynne advised that the Opposition broadly supported the bill but expressed some surprise that it involved amendment of the Architects Act 1991. "Who's heard any complaints about architects?" roughly paraphrases his comment.

    The Government response glossed over the issue of amendment of the Architects Act but did emphasize that the Bill adds to the membership of the Building Advisory Council a member nominated by the Building Designers Association of Victoria Inc.

    Given that there seems to be an emphasis on equal treatment of plumbers, building practitioners and architects in the proposed bill I'd suggest its more than likely a requirement that future applicants for registration as architects include a signed letter authorizing a police check with their application isn't far off.

    That should keep out the riff raff.

    Debate will continue tomorrow and Thursday.

    As an architect witnessing the political process leaves me feeling a bit like Randy Newman's America:

    Unappreciated...but unlike America without a nuclear capability.
  • peter_j
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    Thanks for the updates Bruno, I haven't heard anything about it elsewhere. Is everything above from hansard or did you pop in? It would be great to get a thorough report out for discussion as I don't think many have a clue what's going on.
  • brunotautinstitute
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    I dropped in from 3:30 till the 6:30 adjournment. This bill will go through the Assembly pretty quickly, then off to the Legislative Council and the Governor in Council.
  • brunotautinstitute
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    In his reply to Mr Wynne, as reported in Hansard above, the Hon Mr David Morris, Member for Mornington, advised that the reason for the inclusion of amendments to the Architects Act 1991 in the bill was an adverse 2010-11 report on the ARBV by the Auditor General.

    Here is a link to that report:

    Look for Emphasis of the matter on page 25 for the issue which apparently drew the ARBV into government consideration for incorporation into the VBA.

    Not to mention the recommendation of the Freehill Hollingdale and
    Page NCP review of architects and building legislation for Victoria, final report
    February 1999. Chapter 7: integration of the architects legislation and the building legislation. "We find that there are potential net benefits to be obtained from integration of the architect legislation and the building legislation. We take the view that integration, subject to any appropriate transition period, should procure
    administrative costs savings and should allow consistent application of
    construction industry policies for all participants. The experience and apparent
    effectiveness of the ARBV should assist an amalgamated ARBV and BPB to
    achieve higher levels of compliance with the building legislation."
  • brunotautinstitute
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    The Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Bill 2013 including amendment of the Architects Act proceeded through its second and third readings in the Legislative assembly yesterday afternoon. See page 57 on the link to Hansard.

    The bill is Orders of the Day Item 3 on the notice paper for the sitting of the Legislative Council commencing June 11.
  • brunotautinstitute
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    Well they moved fast on this one.

    The Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Bill 2013 including amendment of the Architects Act proceeded through its second and third readings in the Legislative assembly on May 30 and was then introduced to the Legislative Council for it's first and second reading on the same day.

    Overview of bill
    The bill will amend the Building Act 1993 and the Architects Act 1991 to introduce a new governance framework for the building industry by establishing the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) as the regulator of the building and plumbing industries. In the interim, the VBA will replace the Building Commission (BC) and the Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC). Further reforms will see the VBA also replace the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV), the Building Practitioners Board (BPB) and the Building Appeals Board (BAB).

    Catch up with the full story in Hansard for May 30 here:

    More second reading debate probably tomorrow (Thursday 13 June).

    The really interesting question now is what happens in the lead up to the further legislation which abolishes the Architects Registration Board of Victoria and the Building Practitioners Board and creates a new entity for registering building practitioners including architects under the Victorian Building Authority framework?

    Another interesting question is what will happen to the Robin Boyd Foundation without sponsorship from the ARBV?
  • brunotautinstitute
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    The Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Bill 2013 including amendment of the Architects Act proceeded through its second and third readings and was passed in the Legislative Council today.

    Check the link to Hansard, and go to p40-53. The Hon Brian Tee, the opposition member representing the Eastern Metropolitan Region, quite eloquently conveys the dissatisfaction of the ARBV at the lack of consultation with them on the matter of their abolition.

    "The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't." (p30. Adams, Douglas. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Pan Books, London and Sydney, 10th printing 1982.)
  • brunotautinstitute
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    If you find the impending demise of the Architects Registration Board of Victoria disturbing, stop worrying, it's not the end of the world.

  • brunotautinstitute
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    Welcome aboard the Vogon Constructor Fleet

    The KPMG Report is an interesting read.
  • brunotautinstitute
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    The AIA have advised their members that the second reading speech in relation to the Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 which will abolish the ARBV was introduced into Parliament last Thursday 8 May.

    Here's a link to the proposed amendments:$FILE/571447bi1.pdf

    Debate has been adjourned until 22 May:

    Time to lobby your Local Member if you are not happy.
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