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Architects in flicks - quotes

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Architects in the movies... add your own.

Three Men and a Baby: "I'll use the tape from the diaper. I'll tape it up! I'm an architect for chissakes!"

Three Men and a Baby: "I'm not a criminal, I'm an architect!"

Intersection: "Congratulations, (unzipping) It's a marvellous building."

Intersection: "Everyone has to work for someone, pal. Even Michelangelo had at least a Pope."
"The Pope didn't ask for parking spaces."

Wild Orchids 3 - Red Shoes Diaries: "Exactly what kind of an architect are you? I hope you're not one of those conceptual assholes who spends his life theorising the Utopian environment."

(All swiped from a friend's 1990's competition entry to AAA Urban Gaze)
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