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Everyone's an Architect

edited July 2010 in architecture
<p>I'd be interested in the effect popular TV programmes like 'Grand Designs' has on the way you have to approach your work. I don't 'do' domestic.</p>
<p>I've said before that I take great pleasure in dinner parties and the like not telling or reminding people that I'm 'in the game' so that I can hear peoples 'expert' opinions because they have watched the shows on telly.</p>
<p>Most don't realise there is a message in shows like 'Grand Designs'.</p>


  • peter_j
    edited November -1
    I don't get pay TV. What are they saying and what is the message?

    I understand that the local version coming to our screens is more focused on the work of architects than the UK original. I didn't hear that at a dinner party - I haven't been to one for a long time (bad reciprocator, not a Master Chef).
  • mark_melb
    edited November -1
    Pay TV? Who has time for that?

    The message? Use a professional. What people see are other peoples mistakes but not solutions. They simply assume that 'I would not have done that'.

    I'll be dissapointed if it focusses on Architect's work. It's the complete and utter disasters that make it usefull.
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