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Victorian Government Architect

edited March 2010 in architecture
Victoria has a new government architect, Geoffrey London. Unknown in Melbourne, London has spent his academic career in Western Australia, where he was also Government Architect. Expect a change of flavour from outgoing Govarchitect, John Denton.

by Peter 06.07.08

Coming up to 2 years on, the big questions are:
1. what is the flavour?
2. what are the changes?


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    dunno wot the flavour is but its about taste 4 g[****]e.

    the biros gone back 2 practice (?), new deputy, the cobblers r the architects of hackountancy, no change.
  • edited May 2010
    u ask the wrong questions luke?
    suggestion-- kicked any goals / likely 2 kick any goals?

    exam pull.
    Q Bushfire Housing Comp 2009.
    A 100% failure, not a house built?
    (judged by reality show punters with purses).

    Bushfire Housing Hack 2 - 2010
    Q Has G[*****]e chucked in his sleeved heart + gorn marxican with a D+C fairy story 2 help the hackountant sleep @ night and protect him from recurring nightmares of juggling 3 red hot balls he pulled out of a fire.

    A AS 3959 BAL 40 + 6 star + 125 m2 = $150K. ?? (or is it answering a Q with anutha Q).
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    the new old time dance hall tune 4 the hackountants desktop peeyanna scored by g[*****]e.
    An hackademic piece without emotion?
  • edited March 2010
    Marxicans are chicken shit HD.........their Balls aren't big enough to be Flame Zone Proof?
  • edited March 2010
    need bigger balls than fit in $2 dollar shop bbq aprons from the RIZDEE/moanash China factory.
    BAL-LOW bar woz set @ below ground level 4 packing crates.
    AS oven tests say they catch fire when u hang em in front of the heater to dry.
  • edited May 2010
    Which half of the house does G[*****]e reckon the punters should go without, the living rooms or the bedrooms - or has he got a time machine to take them back to when he last practised.

    He did practise didn't he?
  • edited March 2010
    think so. but i don't think he's known for his practising.
    SGA's contribution 2 this brief is line 3? ^^^^
  • edited March 2010
    I didn't read that brief closely, you got a link HD. That line is a corker. Shouldn't it read, "no wanking please, we already let you do that and it costs too much".
  • edited March 2010
    big link. v
    1/2 rooms be all u could do. even then?
    does not compute $/sq m 2 sq m ordered.
    the project home boys can't deliver 4 $ with models they got in hand. so hows this make it different.
    i hear everyday punters burnt out of house + home r getting big time pissed about this.
    6 star + BAL 40 does not come @ below rock bottom $ no matter how much u rub genies bottle?
    maybe they should get peta garret on the job + follow up with g combhey.${request.queryString}
  • edited 9:53PM
    Why the interest 12 months late HD? Shouldn't this have been on the table a lot sooner.
  • edited March 2010
    ^ 2 show the punters that they r imagining a problem with affordability and choice?
    ^ BCC r slow food devo ts + have had the Hackountants ff eat up answer under the microscope testing 4 germs + obe city effects?
  • edited April 2010
    Agree - Marxico is the place to be if you're the Marxican GA.
    Seems QANTARSE are doing regular London to Brisbane flights.
    Keep an eye out for Ewe-Q maintenance issues and non-union scabs
    All is up for hire-purchase in Banana town
  • edited 9:53PM
    ^^^^ true answer 2 the question luke.
    she left it at home on the kitchen table 4 12 months.

    zombies' frankenstein. Marxico - B grade horror masterpiece.
  • edited April 2010
    Christ. Thats a read and a half. Floating into the office at 4.00 and knocking off at 20 to 6.
    Blardy hard work being the top banana!!!!
    She is the sort of top shelf talent we need up here right now to sort the shit ship stuck on the reef. There are a couple of beaches handy nearby she can stick her head in while it sinks.
  • edited May 2010
    the changing her story bit is interesting 4 being a hexcop. hAge had bigger report.
    coupla key witness from zombie command centa on stand tomorrow.
    could shut the salon and go 4 a quiet listen, but its just 2 wrong to sit thru .
    best left for Justice Teague 2 pick over this lot.

    ...can't wait 2 hear wot spin the hackountant will put on it, have his dryer in overdrive 4 sure.
  • edited 9:53PM
    ah ha!
    This explains the spike in Marxican visits to Bananaland this quarter
    Noosha is postively sinking
    And Ewe-Q is running out of hall passes
  • edited May 2010
    ^ - no veycantseas @ moanash/rimmerstute/P.E.R.I china for rott deserting a sinking ship.
    no room back in the ratt nest?....leaves boganville iced donuts served w/ bonus hawthorarty position in the hackademy 4 the licken. wotch yur marxi visit stats spike then, b a lot of dont come, cobbler, mantulpiece fly ins 2 explain over and over again y the skid marks + shitfaces they left r good despite they can leave sum more.

    rotts future is advisor 2 cpt. bligh + Kkkrudd for vocab suggestions in response 2 industrial/environmental accidents. "disgraceful" is getting overused - want it kept strictly 4 artists. g[*****]e has been spotted wandering in the hexbitchen gardens repeating the phrase "frankly disgusting" and "i've made it a po lice matter" thru a pinched mouth. gonna b a fun decade 4 bogans starting soon enuff?
  • edited 9:53PM
    A Royal Commission is very practical when you look at it.
    At least everyone knows to go down the Metropolitan Hotel if they need to find the head of the Marxican Reconstruction Authority for a Tender inquiry.
  • edited April 2010
    explains the two empty bar stools with a reserved sign.
  • edited 9:53PM
    What can you count on a Marxican Zombie saying in the middle of a crisis?
  • edited 9:53PM
    A. your shout
    B. pull up a packing crate
    C. ummmm
    D. [silence]
  • edited May 2010
  • edited 9:53PM
    she does wouldnt it be grate if she was out with brumbi and gravi.
  • edited May 2010
    They don't care. Brumbles and Nixo will retire up here to Noosa and G[*****]e has spent the last 6 months greasing the locks at Ewe-Q for a November departure date from Marxico. Burn Baby Burn.
  • edited May 2010
    g[*****]e doesn't spend any time in marxico 2 b down the pub, always on the jet to boganville.
    the hackountant was in hahcaught polishing his new fire hose with the phone switched off.

    chrizzy was likely sharing a dish of prawns + a shardhunhey with the parade direcktor discuzzing her new job + plans 4 the future.
  • edited 9:53PM
    the car is on fire and there's no driver at the wheel
  • edited 9:53PM
    wonder if its a priarse?
  • edited 9:53PM
    This tender the Marxicans are running sounds like it might go off the rails.
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