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Indigenous Architect Import (IAI)

edited March 2010 in architecture
In lieu of general Oz incompetence with all things unique, UQ and Adelaide Uni have decided to bring in nz architect, Rewi Thompson to tick the box.

Who let the dogs out?


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    It would be nice if both schools could let go of each others marxican bits and come up with their own ideas ..... yaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnnnnnn.
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    Although it is noted that Hamish and Marcus are on the same travelling show................yaaaaaaaaawnnnnnn

    [image deleted- mod]
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    If you miss the Bris gis go straight to Adelaide for a follow up
    Tickets via Marxican Hotline ............. yawnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    kilts keeping wine tasting magazine glassers up 2 date on wots out of the date in marxico?
    nice touch 2 finish off the season with the imbedded jernhoist who stepped into stormans gumboots.

    cargo culting og kiwi is the tried and true way 2 go 4 both wings of the symbol orchestra.

    double up with UQ is the ancient zombie way, absorb + arsesimulhate 2 make a no chew stew.
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    In comparing those speaker lists it seems UQ got first dibs on all three distinguished architects
    Rewi Thompson is an authority on bi-culturalism and architecture, Hamish Lyon is the architect for the impressive Convention Centre, and Marcus Trimble is promising for the next generation
    Seems reasonable to pursue that kind of talent for the Brisbane punters
    If another state follows good luck to them
    I also note that the UQ series is being wrapped up by the notable Hitoshi Abe
    I'll be going

    So should you Luke
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    common sense info. the drought has broken....start paddling skywalker.
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    ^The drought will be broken when the marxican hotline is broken, until then its just the occasional posturing oasis - the best speakers won't change that context
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    UQ is in the hands of paid up graduates from the peter costello school of personal ambition?
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    More the Hoover Groovers HD
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    ^luke, hoovers 4 sure, groovers ?---

    ^^^^u got a point but. [xxx] pumps marion's bastard albury like a [xxx]. hackademic hobjecktivity says cobblers r sensible planners. borderdwellers r not so sure of hatees eco DOGma but.... they say 2 point a footy field of mono hee glass at sunsets mated 2 die in the arse airconditioning 4 hot days is novel 2 say the least. locals r sure the icing on the cake is the burnt latte shop thats still cumming on its arse end.

    marxican radiators blow their hoses north of the rio?, mantle piece leaners white oven in cock boat capital is anutha grumble? enthusiasm 4 marxico seems to cum natural 2 sum bogan fan boys but. y is that.
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    ^^^^^^hitoshi abi is a completey run of the mill Japo, INFO.
    - u common sense types got some kind of thing 4 sleeping in leckcha theatres.
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    Benders have a thing for cute Japanese pop
    aaa.jpg 82.9K
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    Bender or Benders?
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    ^^ probably the ancient Ewe-Q environmental passive control systems?
    100 people x 200watts = sweaty sleep box
    Ripped from the tit design earnest says that's ok(?)
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    ^5 - just crimped my neck again - look like a daytime soap actor/ga
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