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Belle or Monument?

edited March 2010 in architecture
It makes sense at my coffee table


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    And it hired a graphic designer
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    Here's the tricky one
    Belle or Inside?

    I'm reckoning Belle - it has a broader set of topics and formats the adds
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    replaced domearse with Belle in the salon rack.
    attractive covers + in depth cosmetics reviews were a no brainer.

    customers got grumpy reading re run insider stories last century.
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    What is a Doula? And who, like, freaking cares!
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    The doula, like the mentor, serves the interests of the modern nanny state.
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    monument went to the dogs as soon as it left marxico. kill culture by moving it north...
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    tru + false. cockboat owners association just nicked old bones zombies had chewed on and left 4 mongrel.

    didn't need to kill any kull cha - wos already a corpse?
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    ^^ The new Editors from Adelaide miles.
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    indanachunal salon gossip says ARuk is going down.
    monument is crossdressing 4 one last chance 2 b a genre that sells?
    stuff x headitaur rimmers peddled (kullchar or hadvertizing) was tattslotto shop flop.
    only person shedding a tear in marxico would b the mantlepiece who lost his plasdick trumpet.

    conscription funds mummification of centrelink bi monthly as a brontosorearse fossil on the marxican kull char bbq with tomatoe garnish ?

    ARarsestrailyah? plugging in the 2 speed e lecktronic hoover that can't switch off.
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    Speaking of Marxican arrogance -
    UQ's Marxican embassador has called the gang of junior mummy mates he's tied up with north for the annual shit talks.
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    marxican kullcharal attatchedhey is good value - makes marxico 1% less boring 4 a couple of days every year.

    luke, mummy is a bogan in disguise 4 hairport escort service?
    ---Emperor's finishing school trains marxican rimmers to keep the bird behind their backs or hide in the toilet if they see 1.
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    So when is the last issue of AR UK slated for HD?
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    c'mon every mag is on the verge of demise, fed by a diet of advertisin scum or subsidied by other means. aruk has issues cos its parent company emap has problems. it wont die it will get sold, just like monument, traveller, mens health and the rest of them OR get bought by a competitor and closed. gourmet traveller is about to be closed by its new owners vogue entertaining. only the strong survive by selling out or become pet projects of wealthy owners...bit like architects really.
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    personally i love inside out. 'get the john wardle look for a fraction of the price'
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    ^^uke editor might be from adelayed but shes just a puppet for junior stokes and an ex ARau publisher and the nsw goonshow who were desperate to have their 'own' magazine
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    ^ no your product?

    ARau was fired up by the cockboat owners society in the 90s out of a sink and dunny pamphlet.
    Dirtbag was big in the pump up and the rum swilling headitorial advisory board did an ok job.
    90s vintage wos a straight up/sweet little mag b 4 the shift 2 marxico + gollum domino devolution.
    a previous tomatoe cultivator + her bi monthly manure was the accelerant.

    monumental fcukups began in cockboat capital 2, long time ago.
    wood say the crows r going home 2 roost.

    bout time AA went bris/vegas?
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    ^^^^^ am sure ARuk can prop the doors open long enuff to swallow anutha boganvillian cash cake luke.
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    @ Miles, It all got very boring with the three mags aggregated in marxico, the editors were going to the same fisherman, standing on the same pier, with 3 hooks in the same fish.

    ^HD, there is already a plan to ship it out lock stock and barrel and house them in the Casino----- AA suits Hobart.
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    ^ @ Luke - a sold out ARuk 2 bris/vegas will want to feature E + F's new marxican apartment tower. saw it again 2 day fresh after a couple of months ago. was suss on the front at Xmass time.
    not now. glass balustrades in.

    RED HOT. both facades. give the gold bar and other boganvillian top shelf gear a run for their $.
    E+F = best latino apartment tower for last 20 years, -------PERIOD. 0 piss elegance.
    Put it 2gether with convection centre = marxico back on track.

    flips the hackcyst on Sean oTd. not rest of Rimmer site that will overshadow godisless.

    Scaffold gift wrapping on zombie brain corner up the road says. "I am part of a living city".
    true - marxico needs a new cemetary.
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    i'm sorry. e-f save the future of marxican architectyre? hd have you just been to the godsell show at the princess factory? its alright but c'mon. i'd rate the baldies new wine bar down the coast as up on that...
  • edited March 2010
    ^back on track is wot i say miles. saving the future is 4 messiahs who come from zombie heaven.

    the E+F is better than alright when i looked @ it today from way up the road at P.E.R.I. campus. up close + personal am into it stepping it up 2 give podeehums a shakedown - thats a first.

    sun breakers on the mirror back hackcyst = tick. colours = tick. sliding doors 20 storeys up 4 compensation payment = tick. facade made of one thing not bits beside each other = tick.
    getting interested in building v marxican tradition of putting up with it = tick. no green zombie go fast stripe = tick. apartment plans = faculty pass.

    baldy wine bar = who cares. docklands ungolden shower holding up a paper boat just got knocked off the best dressed list?
    saw sum dum carlton bling 2 day, more on that later if u want to talk rust belts on prince and princess.
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    miles = HD
  • edited March 2010
    arsesimulation is like swine flu. u feel like shit but it won't kill u.
  • edited March 2010
    ^^^So HD, will it be a top 10-10 nomination from the salon.............
  • edited March 2010
    got 2 get thru winter first luke, but with jean jeanies soho/chelsea tenament in NYC its on the shortlist.

    will go so far 2 say lucky 4 cobblers that sat on boot in a bin left in front of the view of nothing from govt. house is in AiA hawards this year.
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    HD - Marxico can keep Hey Hey
    We got Modern Bogans
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    ^ i see that u boganvillians r the use em and lose em type. Gilty Hey Hey arrived 2 day full of trailer trashed simpleness, lite + empty space.
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    HD - your enemy's enemy is your friend. The Wee Cares silver jubilee plays a small but significant part in the organised blockade of centrelink inc by the Boganville sustainable industries alliance.
  • edited March 2010
    u bogans have been outflanked.
    nashnul precaster is centrelink + the cobblers new vehicle
    - salon customers r enjoying the novelty of how 2 tips for fcuking up concrete over a quick shave.
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    Thanks for the tip HD. Nearly used it before I had a look.
    Gollum must have some tricky gear to get photos of those things without cracking the camera lens.
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