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edited March 2010 in architecture
I wonder if insurance companies will begin to query the adequacy of a buildings 'fitness for purpose' more often than usual after 'freak' weather conditions.


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    Lets not forget the innovative, I can't see a big future for marxican glad wrap gutters.
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    Its 1 in a 100 year hail storm that may have migrated from Brisvegas.
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    They were bowling balls when they left this trailer park
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    ha ha ha.

    ^^ send down the medicine balls next time luke. salon haircuts all unruffled.
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    1 in 100 is what we design gutters and the like for though.......don't we?!
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    1 in 100 4 box gutters.
    flat roofs 2 carry 25mm standing water dead load.

    bring on the 1 in 500, sort out the zombies from the living.
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    1 in 500 years?! That's not in my Referee!
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    good u got a ref, rare little book and real.

    2 options on 1 in 500. when it hits u will find out what it is.
    or ask the black fellas, they would have been through at least 80 by now.
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    Yeah I love my little dark blue book, though it's gone missing yet again.

    I keep hearing about flooding disasters around the inner city. Mostly to do with box gutters, and most of the buidlings fairly new.

    Ballet Australia - Southbank - major wipeout, esp for those near windows
    Melbourne Recital Centre - minor leaks killed a harpsicord
    Emery Studio - old roof means one foot deep in water, most workstations and archives water damaged
    NGV St Kilda Road, minor leaks, artworks may be affected
    NGV Fed Square - some flooding
    Melbourne Aquarium - the irony
    Southern Cross Station - loopy roof clogged with hail and downloaded rapidly
    ABC studios, Sturt Street - atrium skylights collapsed

    Will insurance company reaction force an AS 3500 rewrite?
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    any of them syphonics?

    hemory has an archive? y?

    unfortunate apartment next 2 salon had 4 th floor balcony fill up with a foot + of water.
    detailed like a bathtub right down to bummings shower outlet 4 drain
    slowly emptied itself through the door and trickled through the ceilings 2 the ground.
    fried electrics data, sagged ceilings etc. pop on balcony would have saved all the grief.
    looks like a rimmer designed it and a gravedigger built it.
    AS 3500 is probably written by zombies anyway.
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    We were meant to be at the Theatre on Saturday evening at the MRC, rocked up to the door and it was cancelled. Bonus was that we did not have to endure those uncomfortable, funkey seats. Yeeesssss!!!
    The first time I sat there I made the mistake of wearing pointy shoes.
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    i heard the boot was designed so nobody could have a leak.
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    ......of leaks.
    flagstaff bowling club in marxico city. verandah barasol soffit looks like a pregnant dogs belly.
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    ......the Barasol at Flagstaff looks great. You could not have designed it to look better.
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    improvement 4 sure...... but 1995 wos a long time ago 2 get 2 excited.
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    Love how you Mexicans get excited by some heavy rain
    Come north and swallow some cyclone action you soft buggers
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    no wot u mean.
    ----trends say cyclones will b down here in about 50 years?
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    Could be quicker, here are some clues from a book about Oz:

    "From the far north they heard a low wail of the wind, and Uncle Henry and Dorothy could see where the long grass bowed in waves before the coming storm. There now came a sharp whistling in the air from the south, and as they turned their eyes that way they saw ripples in the grass coming from that direction also.

    "Suddenly Uncle Henry stood up. "There's a cyclone coming, Em," he called to his wife. "I'll go look after the stock." Then he ran toward the sheds where the cows and horses were kept. Aunt Em dropped her work and came to the door. One glance told her of the danger close at hand. "Quick, Dorothy!" she screamed. "Run for the cellar!""
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