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edited February 2010 in architecture
I'm a young architect, and obiviously naive.

I'm doing a house, its got a great stairwell, naturally :), but I'm stumped about how to make the handrail, balustrade look as good as I would like.

When I look to magazines, websites for inspiration I see glorious, flowing staircases that bear no resemblance to the BCA requirements.

How do you do it???


  • Could you please provide images of these "flowing" staircases.
  • edited 9:09PM lost for ideas...????
  • Cabbie
    Did you fall down such stairs?
  • edited 9:09PM
    haha...yep was dropped at birth, no actually pushed down a flight.....
    andi, as the great purveyor of all things the northerner out put some of your lovely flowing stair pics up....
    remember there are no stairs in cabs.....only lifting platforms....
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    andi does the ones you can slide down with a big post at the bottom?
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    Well - I'm not going to scan in the mag shots, or find all of them on the web - but some of the stairs here ( give you an idea. No handrail and/ or balustrade.

    I remember being a student and Timothy Hill showing pics of a house and quite openly stating it was illegal. (?)
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    Here is an example of what I'm on about.
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    Or even something more simple like this...
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    u answered your own question?
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    No - not really cause I want to know how you manage to get the building surveyor to sign off on that.....

    Is there a secret handshake I must learn??
  • Northernwedge

    I think there's a loophole. The stairs may be classified as shelving.
    Mock stairs.
  • edited February 2010
    ^ like a building made of waiting rooms hey andi.

    b lucky 2 find a BS willing to bend.
    there was a good bloke out in the east of marxico city worked 4 a chinamen.
    but the x coppers running the BCC have put the cuffs on him.
    cashed cheques, stamped thousands of building permits, neva looked at the drawings + never went on site.
    think hes going 2 jail. - some receivers r in a world of pain & compliance torture.
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    there's no secrets, once told....
    be careful of the smoke and mirrors....
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    hey andi......
    where's your stairs....?????
  • edited February 2010
    last gasp of geriatric baby boomers will b 2 ban stairs cabbie.
    --leaving us sitting ducks for indalek shuls after the marseshuns are gone and the zombies go tame.

    good thing there will always b a place for steps to fall down at the back of police stations.
  • edited February 2010
    For best "flowing" effect that complies, have glass 1m above floor with handrail
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    The Fall Preventers will get to stairs soon enough. They are so damn easy to fall down.

    5 ways this could go:

    a) retrofit with chair lifts
    b) sliding lateral rails at every 3 steps
    c) maximum flight of 3 steps before 1.2m landings, down from 18
    d) stair users to wear crampons during climb, with safety lanyard
  • edited February 2010
    nice try @ stevies hole -andi.
    can there b anything more confusing 2 zombies than coming 2 terms with decomposing as they dissolve into nothing?
    stair treads that could hold up a kenworth = just 2 close gap to less than 125mm.
    german sausage handrail - work of great zombie engineer in the shool of fatachetti.
    u have been sneaking down to the hall of mirrors at Looney Park & standing in front of the fat one too long.

    option (c) - $100 on it, within 5 years, luke will take me up.
    ramps r the way 2 go? - am fitting out the salon with wheelchair accessible shaving seats.
  • edited February 2010
    ^^its not steven's hole,
    >g poole's house.
  • edited 9:09PM
    Sliding off topic... I hadn't thought about seats... I find it quite easy to fall out of some of those workstation ones with wheels on them. As they have wheels I guess they are vehicles, and so should have seat belts. Or at least a velcro strip that latches onto your pants.
  • Peter,
    Are you suggesting we ditch the BCA?
  • edited February 2010
    one waiting room is as good as another - more evidence of the spread of marxican arseimulation virus north.

    ^^ arm rest air bags?

    ^ ditch 4 wot? BCA is tidy bat @ the crease 4 rectification innings.
    can't wait 4 cruelty of envelope pressure testing. couple of years is salon gossip.
    zombies will keel over with those electrodes on their nuts?
  • i have heard that some people build a balustrade, obtain the occupation permit, and then remove the balustrade. which is of course not legal.

  • edited February 2010
    Would it kill them the just read a book or newspaper?..........Sorry, just noticed. They are Apples so it must be okay! Call me a Baby Boomer, know all.
  • edited 9:09PM
    ^^^ the bowl.

    zombie caryatid is polisher.
  • edited February 2010
    caryatid?! I'd say he appears to be a gainfully employed Gen X. This can't be an Australian example unless he is a Melb Uni Grad. He does look WASPish.
  • edited February 2010
    gainfully employed gen x = zombie caryatid?

    ^ wasp? u r thinking of the staff.
  • edited 9:09PM
    Staff? Hmm yes. The students are the ones with the Apples for the teachers. Grad Dips are quicker that way.
  • edited February 2010
    xactly. emmyou 4 last decade.

    aged baby boomer and xgen mudwasp staff frozen into zombie caryatids while caught in the act of polishing see through ghost of coilers hanging in the bowl a back room psuedo historians catalogue various shapes that shit comes in 2 make coffee table toilet rolls.

    living dead students from somewhere else with backs turned stare into eurotrash cyberspace.
    who wouldn't?

    but y discriminate.
    rimmers no better/worse? name says it all.

    geee long started as a fly blown tomb - maggots and cobwebs. every year more dirt in a hole that never gets filled.

    sidaknee is the place to b? least its a view of something.

    bris/vegas fights a losing battle 2 keep the wetback outfall washback off the beaches.

    wa is a sandpit that expels odours eastward.

    sa has been a safe haven for nazis since WW2.
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