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myer bridge

edited January 2010 in architecture
didn't know this was going into a dumpster


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    peter shovel hexpertly opinionhated that zombie shoppers don't want to be reminded of the time = no historical value?
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    Cripes, neither did I. But here's the proof. No clock.
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    walked past today. delta d man said clock and sign go back in new bridge. alls ok if u ask me.

    saw back of E&F building in abeckett. smell of poodle shite to the front elevation.
    but the back is as good as WM's st. kilda road tower - maybe better. looks to be 20 storeys of sliding doors with gold glass and minimum BS. pity its not the whole building.
    4 last 30 years mexican architects can't do towers or turn corners?

    speaking of which steel was up 4 zombie shower cap - is a suburban tv showroom with a lean too parapet under the gel coat crack in the sun BS.
  • sodsod
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    kind of liked the framing on the curtain wall - not sure the clock and sign will be as good without the mullions to slot into.
    you're spot on with the bronzed window wall of the abeckett tower being miles ahead of the northside chundercade.
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    true - old school shower screen curtain wall did have charm.
    won't be the same sure....prepared to give myers benefit of doubt looking at the hole they are blowing in the back of the old store 4 now.
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    oh o - peter shovel types fcuk up big time? wot clock. wot sign.
    curtain wall wos it?
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