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Learn 3ds Max now and get 50% discount on Fee

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<p>3ds Max Online TrainingClick here => <a href=""></a>

to view sample lessons on 3ds Max.</p>
<p>These lessons can help you to start using 3ds Max from day one.</p>
<p>After trying these sample lessons, if you find our method of training simple, easy & interesting then pay fee and go through complete training.</p>
<p>Regular fee for 3ds Max online training is US$ 200 (Two hundred US Dollars) but you can avail special New Year Discount of 50% (Fifty percent) if you pay fee in January, 2010. Most convenient and cost-effective way to learn 3ds Max in the comfort of your own home or office.</p>
<p>Visit Link => <a href=""></a>

for details.</p>
<p>This 3ds Max online training has been specially designed after carefully observing requirements and learning patterns of many Interior Designers and Architects in the form of web pages, thus available to you any time and anywhere and you can learn at your own pace using Internet.</p>

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