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Brain Surgery



  • edited January 2010
    ----------------------------END OF TRANSMISSION----------------------------
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    Must be something green up here attracting them
    Maybe ..... no! say it ain't s[o]
    Could this be the cause of the marxican mutation now homing in?
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    ^ Can't Turn Corners have accidentally spawned a mutating zombie strand
    But I think it is a trick to allow them to invade and then with the perfectly adjusted sun shades
    Burn em all away...[this explains the axis]
  • edited 12:49PM
    ^ Dont Come's tower branded first with a bit of Worcestorshire sauce
  • edited February 2010
    ha. zis iz ha comphellhing teahory her ad junk profhessor luke.
    ze travel in straight line boganvillians har luring zombies into ze honey pot.
  • edited February 2010
    ..und vud hexplane ze purpoze of 1000s of mysteereharse cricket bat mirhahs in marxico zat sean of ze dead haz hinsisted har funkshunal not hornamental followers of ze sun.
  • edited February 2010
    har quit ectura marxico w/ centrelink bi monthly insert arrived in the salon mag rack.
    imbedded heditor is bouncing off the lip of the lab table tray? -
    hadvicezory commietee food tube stops it rolling off onto floor.
  • edited February 2010
    andi narco bumble bees in hardhats ban cardboard mirror insulation on behalf of brain dead zombie nation in response to claims that arsetrailya has caused a significant rise in global av. IQ levels.

    --Peter Pan MP announces the worlds anus is now a polar region on behalf of electricians union.
  • edited 12:49PM
    gee - that's a tough one for the bender state. radiant barriers are what we use up 'ere. bulk insulation just slows the heat down a while before pumping it through during the night. which means a/c may need to go harder at night.

    oils aint oils.
  • edited February 2010
    gets fuken hot in marxico too in summer. not that zombies notice with their BO?
    a doona under a few mirrors is needed to keep your hair on year round.

    not hard to see why china walked away from these k ts at copenhagen hey.
    saw the blank fuken zombies coming at em and cleared out.
  • edited 12:49PM
    evening hd_ lets get back to the point. is it urbanistically acceptable to have a 'cultural spine' with godsell as the head (design hub), an arm collar (melb central & rmit info corner) AND arm's left foot at the shrine?....
  • edited February 2010
    zombies have changed everything miles.
    including fucken up wot even monkeys can do with tin foil 4 a banana.

    the spine of marxico shity wos eaten 20 years ago, there remains a trace in the anus of the ghost who walkered as he assumed position. it can be found in a hemmeraldic area somewhere near wot was the NGV b 4 it was gang raped by a dapper wog dashboard designer and the fire ball X L 3s. There r two left foots, both with boots on but they r not in front of the shrine.

    sean of the dead @ the crease is as good as anyone in a state where Warnsie is the accountant's new indian ambassador. x sports stars r the go.

    wots not urbanistically acceptable is a city with a fcuked train system, a gut a 100 + miles wide stuffed full of black tiled hamburgers and its edge in a b b q with an SGA/accountants megaphone along 4 the ride whose claim 2 fame is pumping out lite weight coffee table manifarsetoes?
  • ^ YOu got something against wogs mate??
  • edited February 2010
    - exactly 2 out of X million to be precise. ^&^^

    miles didn't mention the zombie dog you forgot to tie up thats chewing on a vertabrae andi.
  • edited 12:49PM
    hd_i'm concerned for your welfare. its seems you have been spiralling in a votex of vocab. have you not been following your own rules? dont get high from your own supply?
    hb_shut up while i'm talking to my patient
  • edited 12:49PM
    9^ architects applaud stupid wastes of money on unremarkable self indulgence....
  • edited February 2010
    ^^only zombies worry about their welfare and not the work.
    ---- wot is a "votex" doktor miles? ....a rough cut of gollums 3-D undead epic?

    ^&10^ u r referring to cover story barry? - could be cheap + not a waste of $.
    zombie zinc stops @ parapet and colorbond takes over.
  • edited 12:49PM
    cheap peter wilson rip-off sketch on yellow trace proves how little thought went into making executive project home - yawn
  • edited February 2010
    were it a sketch by living hands your harsh boganvillian view'd be fair.
    ......but itza staggering achievement 4 the undead.
  • edited February 2010
    But before we cross to carntbearher to speak with Commissioner McGarrett over his handling of the Foil Serial Killer Case in northern boganville, this story from marxico where the zombie infection remains uncontained.
    ----zombie spokescorpses spit bone chips over wots makin their dried out eyes sore.
  • edited February 2010
    Good evening Lee, y is the king of the zombies talking about a river and not a drain in 1975 with a view of nothing?

    Kerry, zombiespeak, the lingua franca of marxico is an improvisational language composed of spontaneous grunts in the present tense, memory is the 1st thing to go during decomposition.
  • edited February 2010
    there are reports Kerry of signs of life as isolated and confused pockets of intolerant multiculturalists from the left and right factions fight back from behind bolted doors.
  • edited February 2010
    in addition--- the head of the marxican campus of P.E.R.I. China, in a cold sweat over provincial status and the spread of the parade director's transparent tastelessness, has fought to jamb boganville on an antique spanish A-4 black and white photocopier......... but its too late?
  • edited February 2010
    Kerry, information coming to hand suggests Gravitarse, the zombie crisis advisor, will shortly demand a series of draconian measures on behalf of the accountant embroiled in high level diplomatic talks with the sub continent, including mandatory 2 stage inclusivist/exclusivist competitions, an overhaul of the HeyHiHey Awards to ensure its corruptable integration and Panels of Imbedded Statutory Taste Assessment Officers modelled on the sandgroper virus outbreak response to further modify the marxican environment for comfortable zombie vision.

    Lee $s reporting from marxico.
  • HD
    What do you expect from these sanctimonious experts who live in the insular world of Marxico. I personally think the city's laneways are over rated.
  • edited February 2010
    bad news 4 cigar smoke blowing tennis zombies is oedipus complex remains untreatable.
  • edited 12:49PM
    ^^^HD, The honest answer to the marxican tabloid question is the entire f--king place and
    the solution is for the marxicans to go Nuclear and have an accident.

    ^^ So..... you're expecting to inherit the family business sooner rather than later Messiah.
  • edited 12:49PM
    HD, Are you saying Marxico has a Piss Elegance Research Industry.
  • edited February 2010
    ^ no industry in the marxican rust belt - just institutes.

    and now with the sports news and highlights from todays one day international between the accountants undead 11 and the home town allwhites.
  • edited February 2010
    after tossing .....the coin - play got under way predictably with an innings of slow mo bowling from the undead 11.
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