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BIM overated

edited December 2009 in architecture
ArchiCAD and Revit seeems to be the flavour of the month.
But i beg to differ. It only benefits developers who have their own inhouse architects, engineers, estimators and builders that can work collaboratively from start to finish or a partnering arrangement between the builder and architect where warm and fuzzing feelings are exchanged early in the piece.

Pretty 3d pictures can also be generated.

Otherwise its a waste of time and resources.
I'll stick to AutoCAD LT thanks.


  • edited December 2009
    a hackman would hagues.

    bet the table salt and offshore brine plant is BIM, co-ordination issues would be a mongrel below roof level.
    can't see how u would need anything more than tissues, typewriter, a texta and sand between your toes.
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    you need sat nav hagues or someone to hold your hands....?
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    Seems overkill just to figure out trusses goes on top and the plumbing goes under ground.
    Another 10 hours = $$$
    Are architects steel shop detailers? Don't think so. They have their own software.

    Bim propaganda started by software companies preying on impressionable hacks.
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    overkill 4 sure.

    but once its in there shit easy to mirror the ? for the accountant.
  • BIm applications (other than Revit and ArchiCAD) benefit estimators more.
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    ^ What is this code you are speaking ????
  • chiedete al vostro amico Luca accademico caldo, lui sa tutto di codici.
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    whens your 2 volume set coming out hagues.
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    Il suo traduttore in linea non ha fatto un molto buono lavoro. ...

    Tuttavia costipato hagues?
  • edited December 2009
    just translated that from barista babble.
    $50 luke, that hagues is still the white anglo tw*t who says ciao and air kisses other peoples a cheeks.
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