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[comp] PlastiCity FantastiCity

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PlastiCity FantastiCity

KERB18 is excited to announce its first ever design ideas competition, PlastiCity FantastiCity This is the search for the future city.

"I thought it was a mountain... I thought it was a TV!"

Sameness is consuming us... We can see it everywhere in rapidly growing cities that place priority on economy, law enforcement, transport logistics and urban sprawl. Such concentration on these areas is causing a loss of identity and an increase in similarity and repetitiveness. How can playful moments be injected into the urban fabric?

According to Worldwatch Institute; the globally-focused research organization, by 2050 over 72% of the earth's inhabitants will live in cities which use the same building materials and operating systems such as glass monoliths and identical road crossings. Who said a city has to be like this?
Where has the fun gone?

Imagine the limitless world of a child. Creative boundaries have not yet been conceived, limits not yet understood. We want to see your city in all its wildness. A child can compose a world of immeasurable fantasy and pleasure yet the regulations that we currently adhere to have diminished our ability to make this our reality.

What if when you take a lunch break, parks literally broke from the earth, airlifted above the clouds escaping into the sunlight, landing within the hour leaving you at peace with the world?

PlastiCity FantastiCity is remodeling the constructed city at any chosen scale to become a world of playful opportunity, where nothing that manifests itself in today's cities is present. This ideas competition seeks a multidisciplinary approach to discover new potentials and possibilities within the world and in particular for the Landscape Architecture profession.

PlastiCity (pro-noun)

1. The theory that a space’s most beautiful quality can often be the way in which it is continually made by those who inhabit it.
2. The projection of a speculative world into a pragmatic application.

FanstastiCity (pro-noun)

1. A world of limitless possibilities.
2. The city that exists in your mind, living in your wildest dreams and your most peculiar sketches.

Design teams must be multidisciplinary with at least one landscape architecture student, professional or academic with a maximum of five members and a minimum of one.

* Announcement of Jury by Late October 2009

* Registration deadline 18th of December 2009

* Panel(s) submission deadline 5pm EST 18 th of January 2010

* Notification of top 20 plus editorial selection after jury process

* Mail CD or DVD no later than 22th of January 2010

* Launch of KERB18 March 2010 – Announcement of winner
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