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New Techniques

edited October 2009 in architecture
Did anyone go to Andrew Waugh's talk at BMW Edge on monday evening?
What was the opinion of the work?
Who in Australia pushing the envelope with large scale use of new materials/technologies?


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    Missed it but wrote this piece . The panels got me a bit excited even if the building didn't.
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    engineered materials/stressed skins where its at.
    ^ that ones a little bit dull though. not that thats a crime.
    Krauts have some neater systems that do it maybe better?

    flaw all carbon trap dudes don't talk about is burning but. wood burns down and the sequestered carbon is back out there, x tonnes of it - uncontrolled release. be a tax or fine for that?.... likely?

    glues involved r also not exactly mild. vohceees and long chain molecules. water based is how they sell the poly....x eenes and tip toe round it for now.

    but..... next gen will hose down bbs with this stuff 4 sure. open their own practices & do it.
    any 1 over 40 is too in luv with their furing channel coats and air leaky dresses + thermal chimneys?
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    A bit grimshaw/piano bloody train station 1994 for mine HD
    Sounds like you were hanging out on the God Coast masterplan comp jury hug; you'd get orf on the Rem rip off .... although can't say I totally dismiss the gated boom gate civic community-puss-take civic idea ....
    The winners are pussing themselves (if they were kiwis that is) - the fastest $90K they will ever make.

    I generally love Qld crusties -they're so 20 years ago
  • sodsod
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    the GC needs a floating colostomy bag / civic centre.

    is land really that valuable up there?

    looks like a returded fkcup of the waterway
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    ^^ ha ha luke --- 2 true.
    stressed skins does not = supercolostomy/grimshaw et al? don't think they do that stuff. its all piles of sticks for those dudes.

    hmm saw that GC blob........ = radioactive turd extruded from 20th century sphincter. that comp the work of x UQ prof?--so u can't blame anyone but yourselves.

    I like the big woody - is a different kettle of fish. more like easier to drill pre cast?
    Think Peters right. poms lost a bit of shine finishing it off.
    would have been hot to delete the outside wall and hang a triple glazed shower curtain instead? Probably had to butter it with gyp rock to fire proof it. shame it went to dullsville - a case of architects happy to get their green*s not realising how good it might have been until too late.
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    speaking of pre cast. new black is to shotcrete stand up forms in place vertical.

    MCC tramstops and curbing office knocked up a bit of their flagstaff bowls club that way.
    don't bother looking at the building - another green abortion. u had to be there to see it done.
    its buried behind the bling now. probably a case of builder substituting it for pre cast. rad.
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    whats the new blue ?
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    ha ha ha.
    packing crates nailed straight to LVLS?
    straw bails and scaffolding?
    u name it.
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    Been thinking about that GC scheme - I think I am starting to like it
    Think about this: the GC is a collection of gated communities, boob jobs and tight g'bangers
    Why stick an honorable Roman civic centre into a bunch of a'holes and pretend its democracy?
    Nah - the Life Raft gets my vote - not for meter maid good looks mind you
    Just for keeping the bogans in (or out) - right where we can all see them
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    thinking about it..........and its a rivetting vision.

    but i still see a floating brown paper bag on fire with a turd in it.
    ------>sans new techniques.

    but i did notice in AR (uk) some handsome pictures of black boxes on a semi getting craned into some job up there. interesting sort of initiative. whats with that luke? can u enlighten HD.
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    hahahahahha - like to see someone jump on that fire - GCs white towers would be covered in post digested bundy rum ...

    ^ DHA jobby over at Point Take-Out. Prebuilt, trucked and shipped over. Was also entered into Gravitarse's fire sale - not sure how it would stand up around a local bbq though (plenty of splinters in it). Why do you ask? Is there something Tasmanian/German about it? I recall SOD thought the roof was a w*nk...
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    ^well luke ......- the lovelerly dark stained timber does appear to have a touch of the wolf's lair but all the old nazis hid out in treated pine 70s scandinavians in black rock with back yard tennis courts - tassy was a bit too winston churchill for em.

    sods probably right about the roof- but nothing that can't be deleted - box hanging off a hook and swinging around is a money shot.

    where can i buy one?

    -re flaming bundy turd - heard a story the grad boys who knocked it up did it as a throwaway joke @ bb judges desire to b 4 ever young and r stoked at easy picking 100K they hoovered up.
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