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New House Questions - Non Architect

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G'day everyone,

I just bought a place up Gosford way in NSW. Gosford City Council had a fire 15yrs ago and my plans for the house I just bought have been destroyed. I am planning substantial work to the house (new driveway, kitchen, bathroom, walls removed, new decking etc).

I was wanting to gain from your experience and see your thoughts on if I should get a Drafter or an Architect to do the plans? Keeping in mind the extra work I am planning, I am assuming that a Drafter could not do those pieces of work?

I am a bit lost as to what to do and there doesn't seem much online to help with the work differences between the two (which is how I got to this site). Any help would be much appreciated.



  • luke
    edited October 2009
    Interview a few local architects and draftspersons and obtain quotes for the work.
    That will be the first way to tell the difference.
  • hairdresser
    edited October 2009
    ^ luke is an earnest Gen Y do gooder.
    there is no difference between drafters and architects.

    there r only a few good architects? but have heard they r too embarrassed to use the word anymore.
    ---- good luck finding them.
  • luke
    edited November -1
    don't be a grand pa/ma hd

    The second way to tell the difference is if you (as the client) are interested in pursuing an architectural outcome ....
    If so/not get an architect/draftsperson ....

    This is a two way deal
  • hairdresser
    edited October 2009
    ^ r u trying to tell me some architects r worth their money. ha ha ha.

    listen luke. drafties r dying breed. replaced by fast breeder uni grads with glow in the dark bach. degrees. charge drafty rates, do drafy product. upgrading in name only.
    I'm hearing of "archs" in mexico buying country work at 1 and 2%. I've seen the product. they r the new drafties. no use looking at the name for a difference.

    ----look @ the haircut maybe.
  • cabbie
    edited November -1
    <p>surely jamie durie has enough advise for you to give it a go yourself.</p>
    <p>its the age of diy, afterall.</p>
    <p>wait til you get the builder's ego involved, it becomes a real party.</p>
    <p>architecture = the most narcistic profession on the planet.</p>
    <p> </p>
  • luke
    edited October 2009
    ^^ archys worth their money? - I wouldn't know, I'm a two bit academic
    And partially deaf in one ear

    If archy = drafty then quote will flush that one out = pretty simple decision
    Or if feeling really cashed up, get a Project Manager to make it interesting ... give it a bit of style, like.
  • hairdresser
    edited November -1
    u sound like u been doing the china run to the airport with too many blackshirts cabbie.
    coupla nights on king street will restore your love of humanity.

    ^not bad idea luke. latest way to work in mexico is to hire a QS as prime consultant. QS selects the rest of the team and hammers down the fee package on behalf of the client. Hear a few top end houses getting done that way now.
  • cabbie
    edited October 2009
    <p>yep ferrying blackshirts back and forth to the airport.</p>
    <p>listening to students argue black and blue for a picnic shelter.</p>
    <p>never make any money on king street.</p>
  • luke
    edited November -1
    Just fixed my hearing aid - yeeesssssss QS is definately the way to go
    Makes sense wombat spruiker - let $$$$$ determine the decision
    Very Australian
  • cabbie
    edited November -1
    <p>^ so luke are you saying that w0mbat is stirring the pot?</p>
    <p>why come onto a clearly biased forum and ask for advice?</p>
    <p>w0mbat should come back and let the readers know what they think, there is enough to go on here.</p>
  • dav_
    edited November -1
    <p>god, this forum is embarrassing.</p>
    <p>w0mbat, if you do bother to check is a concern, of course, but should certainly never be THE defining selection criteria - sometimes you still get what you pay for in this world. best thing to do is look at some local architects and draftys and get a feel for their work, and see if you like it and/or they feel like someone you could work with, as the process is resonably long and not always straight-forward. cost and relationship are probably the 2 most important factors, with design coming in 3rd, in my opinion.</p>
    <p>for my 2 cents, however, and in my expereicne, draftys more often than not simply get the job done without considering things like orientation and light etc, which a half decent architect will at least give some thought to. hope that helps.</p>
  • hairdresser
    edited November 2009
    money talks and bs walks dav.

    there r only 2 games.
    1. the client is after a cut and a barber who can do it.
    outcome - cheapest or 2nd cheapest wins.
    2. the client is after a dresser and a style.
    outcome -client pays the list price.

    y be embarrassed. you r in exactly the same position as a builder.
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