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edited September 2009 in architecture
mercedes bendsover relaunches legendary 70s eco marque with factory + showroom in mexico in an about face.


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    a dodo?
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    know - dumb is the new smart.
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    0 question.
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    - but how thick is a brick?
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    bee warmed - bling brothers turn dull kraut pink batts orthodoxy on its head!
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    mexican boffins @ CEYEAL institute debunk kooky euros in fur coats by discovering the di-annual rythmn.
    - hayvee jennings, the ci n tifik third little pig piling up bricks outside was right but with terror-kkk-otta hat on and sans brake dust filter grilles could not unlock the secret?-
    the future is assured for the opening window + the direct transmission of hot + cold air.
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    brick bling reaches critical mass and creates hot air and chills logic by direct connection of nude piggery to external environment?
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    mexicans will grow a bun dance of swiss brickbots in petri dishes to meet raft of OH&S legislation expected to prevent unionized life forms from entering construction sites.
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    caucus race
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    tomorrow the trains will run on time?
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    Juhani P would vote for the Volkswagon entry from Queensland.
    It's the only one that kicked the graphic designer/visual-only out.
    And constructed a place/space specific architectural scheme.

    Maybe a new banner for the VB add parade?
    Something like - 'Smart Architects in Brick Comp' - don't know who would hold the other end of the banner ...
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    ^ u r too dismissive of mexican retail options luke.
    hairdresser would walk thru the door of any showroom -
    got wheels? + rolls? then its road testing time top gear style.

    4 sure gremlin = go fast stripes - but under the stickers just a hornet with its bum cut off - dog in the corners and heavy on the juice. mexico talks mongrels & hybrids but spends its $ on thickening its skin and transgendering via amputation?

    tropical volks v mexican train crash test next week.
    but don't have a license to drive port jackson rum powered steam buses parked in the same garage and SA mitsu magna is discontinued stock.
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    Hi Guys.

    I have been not looking much since your TEN gut buildings of year ago.

    I have flown down to your warm nation last month on deutsch - austalische industrie und handelskammer journey. OK, I propose your people have to do much being part of G 20.
    This projekt you have here made with bricks is kaput in 1970 decade.
    The mass you talk with is not gut.
  • sodsod
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    great idea to build a brick wall in front of a window.
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    greenhouse - u a G20 tech adviser doing some ghost writing for federated barbers?
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    nice piece if u did but u forgot to mention fur coat.
    keeping something up your sleeve for when these sighhell dudes come goosestepping into Europe on a krudd Eco blitzkrieg?
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    brick is being sold hard up here - victorian company?
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    volkswagon came second
  • edited October 2009
    - gremlin 2 went straight from factory to the used car lot.
    everyone wanted the deal on the magna run out.
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    Ya guys,

    In Europe we call your bricks Roman bricks.
    They are for decoration/restoration only. The Romans clad them with marble.

    Now we use thermal brick. Many air pockets, thermal breaks. You no in Australien.

    I found company in Turkei (in Englisch) to explain:

    Maybe your brick technik is not so.
    You have people from Turkei - you learn from them, not Romans.
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    ^ clearly you're a sausage fan
    that's how bricks are made today
    think brick are peddling the non-architectural pr
  • edited October 2009
    mexican fluffers keeping the hinovation bar raised high still think they r made like pressed turds and r bio degradable?

    ^ get your drift greenhaus. but aussies aren't up on saukraut + insulation with their wurst - still got sweet tooths for pink batts and....true mexicans all think they r itis who make good coffee???

    I could believe the tweed volkswagen if it was made of that^. I get the inyourface everyman brickover of briss/vegas as a finger to timber bs full of holes that benders luv to lie down in but its old school hot air just the same as mexico?

    Wot didn't surprise was no entry called aussie brick companies out as slow learners. all hopped in the sandpit marked I'm special and blew bubbles like architects do. tim tam nails it in AR/uk - legitimisers of shitty methods.
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