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New! Community moderation

edited August 2009 in issues
Rather than me be the arbiter of post taste, there is now a button for members to vote comments up or down. Enough "down" votes for a comment and the member sits in the dog box till their score reaccumulates. More (and your score) on the right sidebar (if you're logged in).
Just set it up with the defaults, so reply here if it does anything strange.


  • edited August 2009
    Carlton to win the flag
  • edited August 2009
    I love the RAIA
  • edited 9:42PM
    I'm not sure yet - something to do with your score on the right, which goes up every day. Maybe a limit of votes per day. Should be a help button on the right somewhere, or here:
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    50$ says i can get to -100 faster than luke skywalker.
  • sodsod
    edited August 2009
    Community moderation? euphemism for bogan rule if it was applied to the planning approval process. nice bit of spin - justin could make good use of you peter
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    So. If I moderate, people spit tacks. If I don't moderate other people tell me I'm "destroying all that hard work". If I get everyone to moderate I've somehow become a planning minister's minion.
  • edited August 2009
    ^ aren't we all his minions?

    - heaps of silent majority moderation on the pages of AuA, the Royal Ulster Review of Architecture and Monumental F^&kups. Not to mention the dribbling heads of triple Har. ?

    big worry is skywalker - he's pinging me +s so he can win the bet?
  • edited 9:42PM
    Yeah I think you are going to end up with the highest score, HD, Well done.
  • edited 9:42PM
    Also note to all that there is a NOTIFY widget on the right now, to NOTIFY you (ie by email).
  • edited 9:42PM
    u want my opinion?
    all for democracy.
    --also with sod on mob rule.

    re your moderation - no complaints.
    ..been no tack spitting from behind the barber chair and the moderations been good game standard looking out my shop window - no inhibition of the flow of the game just random pc draw the line on out of bounds.

    umpires shouldn't get phased by the crowd be about my only observation.
  • edited 9:42PM
    Tack spitting and winding up are two different things
    Every new rule deserves a wind up - otherwise BPaper would end up looking like a bought-out voiceless backpatting (R)AIA publication. This is the only forum in the country harbouring independent non-sponsored opinion.

    Out here on the Tattoine racetrack, we reckon you're gold Peter - give yourself 10 points.
  • edited 9:42PM
    i don't get all the widgets with safari.
  • sodsod
    edited September 2009
    not sure that the anxiety over moderation is warranted - next to no people post in these forums and fewer people read them. no scope for damage here.
  • edited 9:42PM
    for sure.

    problem with forums r there r 0 pictures to look at.
    + u can't hang it in the toilet.

    .......but u can fall asleep in front of a screen, so = tele.
  • edited September 2009
    see u are doing the review gig in new AuA peter.
    bit of an x president monograph issue?

    managed to drill your way past the stripes and foyer into the cells - nice one- u don't see many reviewers getting their hands dirty in the mechanical rooms or the dungeons.
    - question.
    your not implying its ok for a court not to go out of its way to mollycoddle the accused?
    our legal system is still predicated here on the assumption - innocent until proven guilty?

    apart from that it was a change to see a cane half drawn out + questions asked about a vision of the country as thrown together shit.
  • edited September 2009
    Hey that's what the walls were telling me. I felt accused, guilty, and non-mollycoddled just standing in the cells. Maybe it affected the write up (yet to see issue). Apparently the holding cells had to be government issue grey, white, and cold. Put me off rounded rectangles for good.
  • edited 9:42PM
    clears that up.
    always thought centrelink had a french name.

    the mention of rattling air con was a nice touch.
  • edited September 2009
    another ten points to you both
  • edited 9:42PM
    - u r not getting $50 that easy skywalker.
  • edited September 2009
    @ peter - also interested in the polyurethane coated log with a stair in it.
    got the signature bit.
    did the editor cut out xtra words that said out of focus Peter Wilson cheque mark?

    ....quaint letter in the back from centrelink himself.
    the case for the coporate eco ego. ripe bubble of 80s air he's let out of his pants thats sent carbon equations into the red?
  • edited September 2009
    The best part of that review is the last sentance of every paragraph - closest thing to a critique that's crossed Centrelink Monthly for a while.

    Gall kicked a goal too.
  • sodsod
    edited September 2009
    ^yeah i like the pattern little stings at the end of the final paragraphs. thanks for pointing it out - wouldn't have bothered reading it otherwise.
  • edited September 2009
    is good.
    better read than editor's recipe for a baked nursing home in recent past.

    wots the story with Gall skywalker?
    y would a bris/vegasian be bothered about irrelevant mexican dream of a new doghouse?
    ( - kinda interesting he got under richard centrelink's skin enough to get a manhandling.)

    read the other letter - john railton FRAIA. suggests profession publicly lead the culture of building.
    ....can that happen when nonplayers like VSGA/centrelink/cobblers consume oxygen and produce carbon making construction = prop?
  • edited 9:42PM
    Dunno .... funnily enough, they're all located on Melbourne Street in South Brisbane, within a reasonable stone's throw of each other. Maybe Centrelink is p*ssing the locals off?
  • edited September 2009
    they should look at it as something to laugh at.

    letter to gall is a replay of harry seidler 1980 going off his rocker at the gay new po mos - tables turned.
    most entertaining bit of centrelink writing to date - loved the modesty prevents me from saying so ---but he said so anyway.

    conclusion - living in the past?
  • edited September 2009
    Seems to me the only thing Centrelink/ARMy had to do was provide actual proof of the green credentials claimed to put this issue to bed. No can do? Lights off, somebody home.

    Gall 10 d Centrelink/ARMy 0
  • edited September 2009
    do u reckon gall is going for centrelinks board member slot on GBCA?

    c/links neo-harry manifesto of fun and games says he's got 2 excellence level buildings.
    6 star? look but no find.

    take a magnifying class to MU comp wallpaper wall and check out centrelink stage 1.
    not same stickystar list as GBCA - gives himself a 6 star pat on the back?
    NAB/docklands got struck off after real world came out sans resemblance to modelling.
    maybe gall is thinking mex white collars need grime examination?
    green but not clean?
  • edited 9:42PM
    sneaky cat ....
  • edited September 2009
    ha ha ha - vegas cats like a bit of fresh food?
    mexican alley cats r strictly into tinned fish waste.

    on the old esd front the backyard boys r hammering the corporates at the drag strip.
  • edited September 2009
    interesting read.
    centrelink/cobblers/don't comes et als with their shiny head slot glasses pit crews tuning shagged out hybrids will get their doors blown off down the track?
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