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[Comp] PREFAB 20*20 Registrations by 31/7/9

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<p>As part of <a target="_blank" href="">LivingDensity Exhibition and Forum</a>, and in collaboration the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Azure Magazine, and Interior Design Show West, Architecture For Humanity Vancouver proudly presents <strong>PREFAB 20*20: Visions For 400 Square Foot Homes, An International Open Ideas Competition.</strong></p>
<p>Open to all designers, architects, engineers, artists and students around the world, <strong>PREFAB 20*20</strong> challenges you to propose a free-standing, prefab dwelling unit for a footprint no more than 400sf (37.5sm) in an urban setting anywhere in the world. Fit for two adults, its basic program shall include sleeping, bathing, cooking, living, working/studying, and storage areas.<a href="http://">

<p><a href="http://"></a></p>
<p>[competition] [canada]</p>
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