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[Call for submissions] 5th Estate ESD issue

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<p>In<em> The Fifth Estate</em> Design Issue, coming soon, we will profile some of the best sustainable buildings submitted for awards by the Australian Institute of Architects.</p>
<p>If you have developed, designed or contributed to a sustainable project - or even a sustainable feature - <em>TFE</em> welcomes your contribution. We are flexible on word length, but require jpeg images to accompany the articles.</p>
<p>Oh, and by the way, that’s not all our readers love. Interesting - or controversial opinions, news or views are also in hot demand.  Push your barrow in<strong> Spinifex..</strong>. YOUR place to tell us what’s going on at the tough spikey end of sustainability.</p>
<p><strong>Please submit to or call Tina Perinotto on (0413) 834 574</strong></p>
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