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    THE OZ
    Mr McEvoy said he had no idea why school halls and libraries in NSW were being delivered at $5400 per sq m and $5800 per sq m respectively.

    "I can offer no explanation for such a high figure," he said."Insanity comes in many forms".
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    The Oz finds that cost blow outs on public schools are nothing new, and names names:

    "One of the most blatant fee grabs under the BER has been by the managing contractors -- construction companies such as Hansen Yuncken, Bovis Lend Lease and the Reed Group -- engaged to handle the rollout of public school buildings in the eastern states."

    "Hansen Yuncken is levying the 8 per cent fee on all the 302 projects - worth $414m - it is overseeing in Sydney's southwest. That site management fee alone totals about $33m.

    Despite this, Hansen Yuncken head site manager Bruce Martin tells The Weekend Australian the company employed just him and two other site managers across all those projects, with three foremen reporting to each manager."
  • peter_j
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    Catholic schools don't take kindly to NSW Department of Education director-general Michael Coutts-Trotter's claim that they're cheaper than public schools because they are "tin sheds".
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