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a new hope


  • peter
    edited November -1
    Thanks for the link. Good post.

    Scares me to imagine the (R)AIA in full control of the profession here though.

    Presumably if it took over from the registration boards membership would become compulsory, along with following their code of conduct, which still includes some ill-defined beauties that have held a few back from joining, and caused a few to leave:

    3.3 Standard: Members must not act in any way that brings the profession into disrepute.

    4.4 Standard: Members must not maliciously or unfairly criticise or attempt to discredit another
    architect or their work.

  • hairdresser
    edited June 2009
    no new hope there miles.
    points 4 and 5 reveal the conservative mind at work.
    protectionist cry baby stuff.

    why deregulate the word/title. its a ready made cattle yard.
    architects downgraded to draughting staff decades ago.
    call yourself something else when necessary?

    3.3. test that one out in a court of law. bet rAIA doesn't have the guts to.

    believe Lobsters and Limbs tried that one on Godless a few years back internally and got nowhere.
    didn't bring discredit maybe? ha ha ha.
  • miles
    edited November -1
    <p>@hd you may have missed the ironic star wars allusion sorry. but glad you liked it.</p>
    <p> </p>
  • hairdresser
    edited November -1
    pardon miles. ha.

    my anttenna is dulled by the constant irony of giving architects haircuts.
  • luke
    edited November -1
    You'll get better odds at the TAB
    And better integrity on Tatooine
    Even the Ewoks used sticks to beat the Empire/AIA
    Sorry - the horsesh*t fumes have me feeling the force
    Tats club have tried to regulate the race - but still down to a decent jockey and a hot horse
    Back to Tats for a stiff drink - the only way to work away a dumb bet
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