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here come the cowboys

edited March 2009 in architecture
sprooking for new work..?????.... .....gees...must be slow up there.....
a free ride back to the need to take the money......
would've been a good passenger for you travis, a man who appreciates white tubular steel structures......


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    ^ I like the photo of him. standing in the shadow of philip johnson. still the best thing the don't comes never did.

    until now?
    don't comes bar up to block the view from the Potter back window -
    better than seeing the tartan comb over and Daz and Cock's 70s pubic hair styles in the distance?
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    Something funny with that link cabbie, seems to be breaking the system, so I'll try it another way:

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    thanks peter,
    new technology....... everything is done from the cab........ saves time and stuffs up....
    hd , what is with the age, producing a novel these days.....check this
    looks like the makers of the perth harbor idea.....????
    mindless idea......what about the local ecosystem ????.....
    so many questions to be answered about this one.....
  • edited March 2009
    probably did this too.
    all looks the same to me.
    should lash out and get a curling wand and a hairdryer for the shop but then............

    (ps - i falsely attributed credit to the don't comes for bar up - me form guide was wrong- a customer tells me its really a rogdered stool.)
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    what happened here ?
    one road in one road out, check the branch off the road behind the crippled buildings....
  • edited March 2009
    that loose hair might just be the most interesting thing about it cabbie.
    good spot to park the cab and listen to the races.

    otherwise its a 1960s world that got into an orbit too close to the sun?

    i stuck it up because there is a lot of stuff looks like ARM.
    - or vise versa. ...... that frankston thing does look retrograde though.
    a throwback?
  • edited March 2009
    ^ you've found me out......
    at least that city/suburb can survive with production from the rice patties.....
    frankston, whats it got to offer....?????....environmental vandalism....????....$$
    there's already a boat harbour up the road.....
  • edited 6:53AM
    ^St. Kilda has a marina.

    .....maybe Frankston sees itself that way.
    arm and legs could take their triangle down there?
  • edited March 2009
    Hairdresser I thought your fed square image was a joke. Well it is a joke, but I didn't realise it was serious at the same time.
    I heard on the rumour mill a few months ago that the Fed Square East plans were scuttled as the length of the platforms over the railways changed the definition of the whole undercroft into a "tunnel", and that this would be too expensive a cost for the development. It obviously hasn't put some PPP People off.
    The rendering looks a tad unprofessional to me, like something that has been thrown together in a back room at The Age in 15 minutes.
    THE AGE 07.03.09
    THE AGE 14.03.09
    The perspective reminds me of another building..
  • edited March 2009
    ^ looks alright that h rourke job - very professional. think he got the number of structural bays right.
    odd number. don't comes looks too busy?

    .......A. Njoo thinks its a pockmark. odd language to describe what is the opposite of a depression.
    (is the opening remark aimed @ the nude emperor.......? )
  • edited March 2009
    i would disagree with a n by the way about the docklands - the cockboat crowd's tonsorial grooming standards would make it seem out of place.

    its 1 of 2 brown hairs that have and will grow back despite plucking, surgery, skin grafts and scar tissue. together with the other, erupting as a mohekan mole, they lie @ the centre of the 3 stooges' urban vision - a broad expanse of flank from the dazzling sphincter to the Boot exposed by bending the city over into the Walker Position.
  • edited March 2009
    The shagged out end of baby boomerdom r really letting fly on their urban vision right now.
    from today's age.
    Doyle doesn't want a docklands dumping ground as per A N.
    (somewhere to move adelaide to after the orderly shutdown?)
    hot air from our new genius the SGA.
    so why did he hire the limbs to fix perth's foreshore????
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