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Bushfires - how to help

edited February 2009 in architecture
This list will be added to as more becomes known. It is expected that the list will shorten as groups combine efforts:
Red Cross bushfire appeal
Donate money!
Building Commission
"The Building Commission thanks all building/plumbing industry practitioners who are wishing to volunteer for the bushfire support effort. We encourage you to volunteer through your industry association. If you are unable to volunteer through your industry association, please enter your details on the volunteering form whereby one of our staff members will contact you shortly."
Arch-peace probono service
Matching pro bono building professionals successfully with community groups for three years, Arch-Peace is seeking interest from building professionals willing to work on a pro bono basis for community groups in fire-affected areas. Many of Arch-Peace's 151 melbourne members have already signalled their interest. "If you are a professional of the built environment wanting to offer pro bono services or if you represent a community needing services, please contact us by e-mail."
Australian Institute of Architects
The institute is formulating its response. News report: "The Victorian arm of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) has received more than 60 offers of pro bono work, a figure expected to rise significantly in the coming weeks. The pro bono services on offer range from time, to the offer of existing plans and from masterplanning services to collating guidelines for fire-safe design." You can put forward your name to their "Built Environment Bushfire Support database".
Emergency Architects
"We stand ready to partner with or work alongside the Government, the AIA or any other organisations to provide damage assessment of buildings and infrastructure, master planning of communities and reconstruction training. We have received many expressions of support from within our membership."
Architects without Frontiers
"As an organisation working to provide design assistance to communities afflicted by social, environmental and natural disasters, AWF would like to extend our particular sympathies to those who have lost houses and community infrastructure, as well as extending our willingness to support and assist individuals, families and communities in the short and long-term rebuilding process."
If you would like to register your interest please visit the website.
Engineers without Borders
"At this stage the Red Cross is only accepting donations and not goods. In accordance with this, EWB will accept donations, but will also work towards enabling our members who wish to volunteer their time in a productive and coordinated approach. While EWBs focus is not been relief work, we will coordinate an effort with the Victorian Chapters to ensure members can get active in some form appropriate to their capacity at the appropriate time. If you have any questions regarding EWBs approach or how you can contribute, please ring 03 9696 9040."


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