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Christchurch Airport Redevelopment

<p>[received by email from a kiwi architect]</p>
<p>"Something that is happening over the other side of the ditch.

Designed by the emigre Paul Pascoe in 1956, the Christchurch airport is being 'upgraded', read complete destruction to meet the needs of incoming passengers for the Rugby World Cup.

The new proposal is by the NZ firm Warren and Mahoney (with Australian firm Hassall) the once great, though now rather unmotivating modernist architects. The reorganisation of the entire airport already underway is a rather confusing affair - brought about by the building of the new control tower (looking like somewhere between the Christchurch sculpture The Chalice and a slipped disk) and the sudden proportions of the new carpark building.

Two recent books to have come out is 'Long Live the Modern' on Modernist NZ architecture, as well as Sir Miles Warrens autobiography. However, it appears some ethical debate regarding the destruction of a modernist legacy by an ex-modernist-still-pandering-their-wares-as-a-modernist has yet to be taken up by the local architectural fraternity let alone the NZIA. After Sheppherd and Routs rather elegant extension to the international airport, considering the difficulties of an airport, you thought it would have encouraged the airport authorities to once again reach further afield than a tabla-rasa corporate identity.

Link above to the proposed monstrosity and to some images of the building under threat not the best exterior image. The interior no longer looks like that, having been filled in by later renovations over the years. Also a link to a short bio on Pascoe."</p>
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<a href="">LINK TO BUTTERPAPER BLOG POST</a> (with images)
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