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Revista Bifurcaciones

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<p>Dear all:

It's a pleasure to announce that the new issue of bifurcaciones is online. This edition introduces two new sections, a renewed staff, an actualized interface and a new way to understand both the electronic format and the urban experience. All these changes are reflected on our published works.

Our 7th Issue is available -free of charge- on our website: <a href=""></a></p>



. Ricardo Greene, "<a href="">Imagining the city, reviewing some key concepts</a>"


. Arturo Almandoz, "Notes for a bibliographic outline about urban globalization"

. Garikoitz Gamarra, "Benjamin and Paris: from streets to barricades"

. Eric Margolis, "Through a Lens Darkly: U.S. Urban schools and the photographic imagination" (in English and Spanish)


. Iván Pinto – cinema - "'En la ciudad de Sylvia': of folds, spaces and spectrums "

. Adrián Puentes – books - "'Postales Urbanas': Bizarre, apocalyptical and broken. Fragments of the city, by Álvaro Bisama"

. María Paz Peirano - cine - "'Dawn of the dead': George Romero in the city of monsters"


. Michel De Certeau, "Walking the city"

. Rodrigo Salcedo, "Reflections bout urban ghettos: De Certeau and the relation discipline/anti-discipline"


. Rob Shields, "'I'm surprised than people doesn't throw their coffees over my face'. Cities, virtuality and urban issues on the target of Rob Shields". By Ignacio Farías.

. Sergio Castilla, "Round trip to New York". By Ricardo Greene.



. Martin Hampton, "Paris 2007. Les Etrangers" (in English and Spanish)


. Markus Hartel, "Nueva York"

. Tiffany Jones, "London"


. Cruz María Vallespir - Venice Italy - "Venice, the hybrid one"

. Stephanie Froimovich - Shima, China - "China before neon"

. Margarita Abella - Paris, France - "Journey prints"

. Carlos Alcalde / Matthew Lew - <a href="">Melbourne, Australia - "513 Glenroy Line"</a>

If you can promote this new issue among your colleague and friends we would be very grateful.

Kind regards,

<b>Ricardo Greene</b>


<a href="">Bifurcaciones, Journal of Urban Cultural Studies</a>

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